Tips for Staying the Course in Your Career

Tips for Staying the Course in Your Career


Our lives are filled with distractions, from Tweeting to posting on Facebook, we spend a whole lot of time on social media trying to get noticed and build our brand. Some of our friends are proficient at building their audience and using social media to advance their career. Most of us are not that good at this rather we use the sites as a way to connect to our friends.

We are constantly bombarded by ads and invites by others to join them at their event, Like their Facebook page or support them in their causes. Though we want to support others, it has become increasingly a challenge to stay focused on our own career and life goals. There is just too much information coming at us everyday which interferes with our own achievements.

So how do you manage your own career without alienating others?

Here are some useful tips:

  • A successful career always has a plan. We may change course along the way, but we all need to have an idea of what our goals are. Where do we want to be in a year, three years or five years? Are we content in our current vocation or are we looking to do something else? Take time to really think about your career and if it is satisfying.
  • Social media can be effective and rewarding when you know why and how to best use it. Posting takes time. Building our brand takes thought. Pick a few sites and contribute to them often. My favorites are still LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Don’t let others successes keep you from your own. We all have our innate talents and we need to tap into them to keep our own career going forward. Don’t get distracted by others success; be happy for others, yet remain focused on your own goals.
  • Develop a list of contacts who you should meet where you have a mutual interest. You need to keep adding to your network by meeting new people who are in your field of business. Networking is essential for success.
  • Only allow those you trust into your inner circle of business. Our time is limited and we work hard to develop our network, so do not let people access to your network who are just in it for themselves and who would “throw you under the train” to succeed. Choose your contacts wisely.

We can only be our own best. We can not be someone else, we can only be ourselves. Once you know who you are and what you do best, you will build a network of supportive people who will help you in your career to move to the next level. It is always a mutual respect in business that leads the way. So, focus on being the best You and you will get where you want to go.

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