Where Were You on September 11th?

Where Were You on September 11th?

Today is the 12th anniversary of the terrors of September 11th. It is difficult to believe that it has been so long since the attack that rocked our nation and forever changed our lives. It was a devastating day and one that started the war on terrorism that we have come to live with.

It was a day like any other day where we were all attending to our lives. For those of us who in the World Trade Center and on the planes that were bombed it would be their last day. All of these people who perished during the attack experienced a horrific ending to their lives. The rest of us just watched the images of the plane purposely hitting the World Trade Center, as we saw people jumping off the building. These images are deeply embedded in our brains.

I was having coffee with a colleague at the Starbuck’s in my building, right across from the Mercantile Exchange not aware of the attack, until my husband called me on my land line at my office and told me to get out of the building. Access to information via iphone’s was non-existent. News traveled through the radio and TV back then. The owner of the company minutes later told us to get out of the building. At this point, I had not seen any of the footage from the attack and information was limited.

I drove home and turned on the TV, a moment I will never forget. I watched that plane purposefully hit the World Trade Center with tears rolling down my cheeks. How could someone be so evil to deliberately kill thousands of innocent people for apparently no reason, except for their hate of America and democracy?

Business across the country and the world stopped. We as a world were in shock. America had been protected in the past from wars on our land since the Pearl Harbor attack. We were not equipped for war on our soil and for what reason? America has always helped other countries with their wars, who would help us?

This is a day for those that died during the heinous attack on our country. We need to take a moment of silence to remember and honor these innocent people who were killed in this cowardly act. This includes the brave firefighters who risked their own lives to save others.

September 11th was a moment in our history in the U.S. that led us into the Iraq war, in an effort to deal with the spread of terrorism. Whether you agree with this war or not, it was our only way to retaliate to an enemy that has tentacles throughout the world. In the end, we did kill Osama Bin Laden which delayed terrorism acts for awhile, until the Boston Marathon that proved it was indeed not over.

For those that perished in the attack and the families who have to live with the loss everyday of their lives, I am truly sorry. Our country is crying today in memory of you all and you will not be forgotten.


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