Time to Relocate for a New Job

Time to Relocate for a New Job

Okay, so the job market is creeping back to a recovery, of sorts. It is a very slow road to recovery, yet there are jobs being created and consumer confidence is up, which helps drive a rebound.  More of the underemployed and unemployed are beginning to look for a new job after waiting a few years to get back into an active job search.

Translation?  It is still a highly competitive job market for most. There are too few jobs opportunities and too many qualified candidates to fill the open positions. Companies are also still placing potential hires through a series of several interviews, making the path to finally getting hired brutal!

What do you do to ensure you are the one that gets the job over your competitors? Commit to relocating. The ability to relocate where a company needs you can place you higher on their short list and may get you the new job. Going to where the jobs are is a great way to get back into the job market and get you back in the game.

I am amazed at how many people will not consider moving for their career advancement. The one’s who do are immanently more coveted by their employers than those who won’t move. We are a mobile society and companies want mobility and a willingness for their employees to be flexible in their lives.

If moving is not for you and you can’t bear to leave your home town, you may want to consider starting your own business or working in state/city government, where you can stay local and you can maintain your current lifestyle.

When looking for a job, broaden your search to other cities, let the hiring manager know you are willing to relocate, think internationally and where your sector has the most jobs, rather than what city you live in. Most of us can move, even if it is not our first choice. It can be unsettling, but is the fastest route to get hired and to get ahead in your career.



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  • This is very sound advice. Sometimes people have to break through their comfort zone to advance or to find employment.

  • In reply to Matthew Askren:

    Thanks, Matthew for your comment. I agree that people need to look beyond their comfort zone and at the bigger picture for their career and lifestyle. Too many get stuck their entire lives and miss out on opportunities for growth.

  • Looking at the job market in this past year. and the entire country is suffering. California, Nevada, Florida are all over 22% unemployment rate, no matter what the govt. is saying otherwise. Texas has jobs in certain locations. Draw back is the intense summer heat, lack of water and high risk of tornadoes. And companies demand heavy water usage to survive. Virginia has govt. jobs, but you need to know someone to get those type of jobs. If you are not from New York area, forget getting a job in the Big Apple. Wyoming and the Dakotas are saying there are high paying obs there. True, mostly in the oil industry. But with that, prices, rent and taxes are sky rocketing in those areas. One can spend higher prices at a hotel one night in Wyoming than spending a weekend on the strip in a hotel in Vegas.

    Many local govt. are promoting their areas on national tv ads. One is South Florida area. Majority of those spokes people are local politicians and local scam artist business folks. Florida is a "Scam" state. Most companies avoid doing business in Florida due to the high civil lawsuits that happen, low education skills, lack of public transportation and the public corruption with local politicians . Florida ranks #1 in the nation with civil lawsuits.

    A company will only consider you if you have "roots" in their area or have a great desire to move there. Bouncing around from state to state will not look good in the eyes of an employer.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    CubsTalk, as usual thanks for your comment. We often disagree and this comment you made is no exception. Companies are looking for job candidates who are willing to relocate. It will help if you can make a move. It is, of course a personal decision that is not for everyone but can help jump start your career.

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