Career Seminar You Don’t Want To Miss!

Career Seminar You Don’t Want To Miss!

The Career Advisory Board established by DeVry University will present research and key issues on the gap between the skills hiring managers are looking for and the skills college graduates showcase in interviews. The Board will then facilitate round table group discussions in which participants share their feedback, experiences, and success strategies for how career center professionals and employers can effectively bridge this gap.

This session is part of the 2013 Midwest ACE annual conference held Monday, July 29-Wednesday, July 31 in Rosemont.

The Career Advisory Board is a panel of leading career experts and authors from business and academia whose mission is to provide insight, advice and counsel on trends, economic forces and cultural shifts that impact career opportunities for today and tomorrow. Its members include executives from: IBM, LinkedIn,  HP, Quintiles and Microsoft Corporation, as well as nationally-recognized career experts who can deliver valuable insights on today’s most important career trends and provide real, actionable advice for job seekers.

JT O’Donnell, a member of the Career Advisory Board and author of the book, Careerealism, says,” Less than 35% of student’s use their college career centers. We need to find a way to bridge the gap from career centers to employers.”

This event will focus on how career centers can help students develop in-demand skills, get jobs when they graduate and improve the quality of America’s workforce. The Career Advisory Board will be on-hand to answer questions on this important topic for student’s and the way they look for employment.

This is a great opportunity to meet HR/talent directors, hiring managers and fellow job seekers.

Bridging the Gap from Academia to Employment Workshop at the Midwest Association of Colleges & Employers Conference is being held Tuesday, July 30-4pm-5:15pm at the Marriott O’Hare-8535 West Higgins Road.

To register for this event go to (410)931-8100.

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