Getting to the Point on Your Résumé

Getting to the Point on Your Résumé


A résumé, a single document, can make the difference between being gainfully employed at a desired firm or sitting by the mailbox waiting for your unemployment check or counting the months until your benefits expires. Yet, so few people spend the time needed to write a compelling resume or minimally one that doesn’t put the hiring manager to sleep!

Most resumes I have seen over the years have too much information on them. People tend to list every single task they have accomplished at a job rather than just focusing on the four to five tasks or accomplishments they have had in their positions.

Poorly written résumés also are inundated with information and facts/figures that make it difficult to know who you are and what value you can offer to a new firm. The goal of every résumé is just that. You need to quickly accentuate on paper why a company would interview you for a position. They need to fill a job with someone that has the experience and skills listed in the job description.

Help a hiring manager help you get in for an interview.

Make sure in your career summary that it meets the basic requirements of an open position. If they are seeking at least five years management experience for example, then you should have this experience listed here. The rest of your résumé should offer a clear understanding of what roles you have played in your prior positions.

Keep it simple and focused.

Use bullet points to demonstrate your experience and make sure your are not redundant. Use a chronological résumé and try to keep it to two pages, if at all possible, but no more than three pages. Most hiring managers only read the summary, a few bullet points in each position and your education before making a decision whether to set up an interview.

Leave the job testimonials for the interview when you have a captive audience.


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  • One would be surprise the number of hiring (HR) people out there who knows nothing about the job they are filling for their company........

    if you want a job at a certain company, get the name of the senior manager of the department you want to work in......research the company directory if they have one.......some department managers have email is the dept. manager who hires, hit the HR person.

    When it comes to salary, they will ask for your requirements....if a job position is open, that company has a budget to fill that position.....just say you are flexible....don't give into one amount.......

    NEVER give your S.S. # until you are hired.......NEVER give your cell phone # either..............many companies gather this information to re-sell it to other firms........companies make min. $50 on each person of the information they collect........

    I am just waiting for the day when a company wants you to spit in a cup to test your DEA before they have an interview or look at your resume........

    One other Big "No-NO".....Ladies, never attach a photo to your resume.....there are many creepy guys out there who just interview young ladies on their looks........I have seen this happen.......and most of those guys were married!

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