“Subway Idol” in Chicago for a Concert

“Subway Idol” in Chicago for a Concert


Pop/Rock Musician Joe Taylor is a talented guitar player and vocalist who has spent much of his life writing and singing songs that has touched many people’s lives. A native of Toronto he moved to NYC a few months before 9-11, where he lost some of his friends in the terrorist attacks. It was not a good time to be in New York, yet he stayed there commuting back and forth to Toronto as he attempted to establish himself in the music industry.

Joe Taylor is a passionate and talented musician who has been working diligently to make a living at what he does best. He is a gifted entertainer with much to offer. His 70’s sound is filled with messages for all of us to identify with. His voice is magic and one of the best I have heard. Great range and tone, he owns the notes when he sings.

He has had success in the last ten-plus years he has been living in NY. He has collaborated with Jeff Gross who worked with the greats of Brian Wilson, Styx and Rick Springfield. He has also worked with Grammy winning engineer, Matthew Spindel, Don Henley, Tom Petty and George Bensen.

Yet, Joe still performs in the New York subways when he has time, where he connects with people. The NY Times dubbed him as the “Subway Idol” and two videos stories were made of him by this publication. He is booked all over the country with stints at the Mandalay Bay, House of Blues, festivals and many other venues, including here in Chicago tomorrow at Goose Island by Wrigley Field.

Joe Taylor is an example of a person using his innate skills and passion. It is a difficult journey trying to break out as a successful artist. Many have tried; many have failed after pursuing their dreams and not getting name recognition. Yet, Joe is committed. He believes in himself and keeps marching to his own music.

There is a lesson for all of us from Joe. Stay with our dreams and make our life work as we follow our passion. It takes focus, commitment and good self-esteem. So many of us just give up, just when we are about to make a monumental break-through.

We can all be inspired by Joe Taylor, who is an example of a person filled with hope, purpose and passion for his work. Will Joe become a household name? I am betting he will. But, right now he is touching others lives one by one as his fan base keeps growing.

I am one of those fans.

Check out Joe Taylor at Goose Island Wrigleyville (773/832-9040) on Friday, May 17. Show includes four to five groups and starts at 8pm. For more information on Joe Taylor his web-site is www.joetaylorofficial.com.


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