Looking for a Job? Try Posing in a Window

Looking for a Job? Try Posing in a Window

I am a proponent of using creativity in your job search. It is not enough these days to perfect your C.V. and respond to jobs on-line. There are just too many people internationally who are doing this at the same time. Hiring managers are inundated with résumés and take the first inquiries for the position, often leaving you too late for the open job.

It appears that job seekers in Copenhagen are having a tough go of it, too, with many recent grads left unemployed more than a year after graduation. There are just an abundance of lawyers, accountants and marketing people all looking for jobs at the same time.

So what are they doing to distinguish themselves from other job seekers? They are applying for a spot in the window on a main street, of course! Who would have thought that this would have been an option a few years ago? The brainchild of DJOEF, a professional trade union and the marketing firm, Reputation came up with this window gambit idea, as a way to help people find jobs.

And, candidates are lining up for the opportunity to sit in the window with a sign saying, “available academic sitting here” with an arrow pointing at them as they work on their job search on their lap top in the window for all to see. If someone is interested in hiring this person they can scan a well-placed bar code on the window and contact them.

Compared to the Red Light District in Amsterdam, where sex is for sale, it is certainly a unique way to find a job. Yet, it is working. The job seekers are becoming more creative with their use of their time in the window. This program started the end of April and will run through early-May. There are at least 14 people who work several shifts involved in the program and there is a waiting list.

One job seeker placed a dancing shoe in the window beside her and played gospel music. She was offered a job within a week! The bottom-line is that this “worker in the window” idea is a resounding success. We should all take heed and find our own way of becoming creative in our job search!

Now, if you excuse me. I need to find a window to sit in! I am thinking of bringing my Yorkie and a bunch of colored balloons.


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  • Just came back from a trip...unemployment in Ca is over 24%.....unemployment in las Vegas is over 26%.....so far, the Obama job program (there is none ) is not working......now the ObamaCare will force Employers to reduce hours on tthe service industry workers.....I feel bad after hearing the CSN female reporter losing her job on the slip of the tonge....while ESPN male reporters keep their jobs after sexually harrasiing theri fellow female employees.....it is a man's world.

  • Here is one way to make money......be a politician and get the inside information on stock tips and pass them to your family and friends. Several weeks ago, President Obama removed the law that blocked politicians on making money on inside stock information. Obama claims "National Security" issues on letting Senators, Congressmen, friends and family members on cashing in on inside trading.

    These Dirt Bags are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • forget work it's a Miley Cyrus world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Craig Jackson:

    You have a point here, Craig. The extrovert wins in this job market. And, being a bit of an actor and comedian rules. Tough to be noticed these days.

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