How to Go Viral with Your Blog Post

How to Go Viral with Your Blog Post

I have written blogs for four years for numerous news agencies. As a former reporter, author and journalism major, I am always looking for news worthy material or tips that my readers can benefit from. The rule has been in the past that a successful blog post should be 80% information and no more than 20% opinion.

This is no longer the case.

The most popular blog posts that go viral have similar elements that make them go viral attracting millions of “views” in a couple of days. There are reasons for this that makes a post stand out from the already crowded internet blog highway that everyone it seems has something to say.

So, what makes the blog post go viral?

  • Create a catchy, fun name for your site.
  • It helps when a blog is affiliated with a news media source, like the Chicago Tribune Media or AOL/Huffington post. These organizations have a brand in place and are optimized correctly to attract larger numbers of people than you can do on your own.
  •  Successful blogs have an active list of followers on the social media sites, such as Facebook & Twitter. The author of the blog works hard to develop their social media profile.
  • Being a good writer is a real plus. It amazes me how many people write blogs who are not good writers. A post must have a good story line and purpose to be well-written.
  • Choose a seductive heading that makes its stand out. Swear words with *** are always good, as are clever sexual references, sports facts, celebrity encounters/interviews, fashion and “mommy” advice.
  • Write on topical subjects of the moment to catch some of the audience and news-worthy information.
  • Use humor to engage your reader and to build an audience. People love to laugh and one reason to even read a blog post is for laughter.
  • Offer information that is ground-breaking and unique.
  • Post short videos & pictures whenever possible on your blog.

Most of us that write blogs will never get a “viral” post, yet if we touch just one person, it makes it all worth the time spent writing these words.


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  • In other words be ya

  • In reply to Craig Jackson:

    Yes, Craig being creative helps, but you also need to be strategic. Thanks for the comment!

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