Is Social Media Effective for Branding?

Is Social Media Effective for Branding?

Everyone is using social media as a vehicle these days to promote themselves and their brand or are trying to get us to “buy something.” The Internet Highway as I call it is getting packed with drivers who are attempting to build their brand or business online. We are bombarded with so much information every day that it becomes a chore to keep up with all the data tossed at us everyday, 24-7.

My primary social network sites are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Honestly, I am a lousy tweeter, not nearly tweeting often enough to build an audience. I use the site to post my blogs as a way to disseminate information for those that may have an interest in what I write. But, Facebook is another story. I have spent some time on building a loyal audience of followers who have supported my book site and follow me through my life. I like these people and also follow their lives.

Yet, not many of these people really know what I do. Most of them I haven’t met. Others are close friends that would be friends of mine no matter what I did in my life. So, no real brand building going on here on Facebook. It just takes a long time to get a brand built here. Facebook seems to work better for inviting people to open forum events at the latest bar or fashion show.

LinkedIn, as I have said many times is my favorite social media site. I have been a member for many years, and found it to be a great place to find people and to forge business relationships with people I would have never known if not for this site. It has been an ideal resource for me. Yet, I believe it is more effective for those who already have a solid brand built.  Once you have a succinct profile on this site, you can use the groups to meet people you want to get to in a professional way. Over time this will help you make new connections and to help you define your brand.

The crowded Social Media highway is making more and more of us tune out the noise, so we can focus on our own lives at our own pace. So build yourself a rest station on this highway as a retreat when you need to refine, refocus and re-position your brand. Only get on the Internet Social Media Highway when you have something to say, not to just feed your obsession.

Building an effective brand takes not only time but knowing who you are and what value you offer.

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