Facebook: It’s All About Stress Relief

Facebook: It’s All About Stress Relief

Facebook has been around for awhile with most people I know actively posting or at least having a presence on the site. It has become a household name that has made Mr. Zuckerberg more money than he ever dreamed of. It will go down in history as one of the most innovative forms of communication that opened the door to the world.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Facebook site. I know that I need to be on it because I have spent years building a brand with a small, but study group of followers, yet I know it really hasn’t added much to my life in the way of real new friendships or business opportunities.

So, the question remains, if it doesn’t get me new friends or business, why do I spend so much time on the site? Working on a tight deadline today, I was feeling the stress. I needed some relief, but instead of getting up and taking a walk, I logged onto the Facebook site. In an instant, I was into the lives of other people which helped calm my nerves.

I didn’t have a second to spare, yet I still logged onto Facebook. Why would I do that? Because we all need some relief from our stressful lives and with the Internet sites within a click away, we are able to stay in our seat and still venture out of our “stress-zone”, where we can look at pictures of people we like seeing, including ourselves, and read inspirational messages from those that send them our way every day.

Being on Facebook just makes us feel good when we need to enter the world of Facebook Fantasy. We can do it whenever we want for an instant fix. We can spend as much time on the site as we’d like and not pay a dime for the time. It’s free and anonymous.

I think I just cracked the code for why Facebook is the success it is. Wall street are you listening to me?


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  • Believe or not Ms. Terri, Facebook have been losing people due to other newer communication sites. I saw a news item on this the other day on CNN. So many it is late now to hook on to Facebook.

    To me, Facebook is all about "Is My Life Better Than Yours?"......people showing off their vacation photos, family photos, their night out with their friends, jokes, opinions about life, religion & politics, accomplishments at the job, etc....but that does not tell the real story behind each Facebook profile.....know anyone who ever bragged their lack of work, how poor they are or negative events in their life on Facebook?

    Does everything we do have to be connected with Facebook? Can we just talk to friends in person instead using all our communications by computer.

    Even jobs want to see if you have a profile on Facebook before they hire you. Maybe there will come a day where jobs send Drones over your house to see how you live on your off hours.

    I get a message once in awhile from an old female school friend who sends a message to you after 30 years asking "are you single or married?"........are all divorce women like this?....tracking down male school friends after they marriage is over?.......I look at it this way, if they did not want to give me the time when I knew you in High School, why should I give them the time now, 30 years, two marriages & three kids later!

    So unless you like to see where your friends went for their vacation, Facebook to me is a waste of time.

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