Doing What you Love Leads to Success

Doing What you Love Leads to Success

While working on a recruiting project for a former client, of which I was bored with, I almost fell asleep at my computer. Clearly, it was an assignment I took on because I needed the money, yet it was not something I had much interest in. Every minute working on it seemed like hours. I struggled through the project and rejoiced when it was completed. It was hard-earned cash.

There are times in life that we all have to do something that we don’t like because we need money to live, yet it must be noted that we should not make a career of doing things we loathe. It is stress-inducing and certainly not good for our psyche to spend our lives engaged in a job or projects that we are no longer interested in.

There comes a time in all of our lives that we need to assess what we really like to do and come up with a plan to “make it happen.” When we are doing what we love, it doesn’t feel like work, rather it is an extension of ourselves and best use of our talents. This is when you know that you have chosen the right career for you, when you wake up energized and look forward to the day of work.

As a career transition coach, I always ask my clients what they enjoy doing the most. Frequently, it is not what they are presently doing, yet they have no idea how to “build a bridge” to a new career. The first step in doing this is to first identify what you want to be doing and what drives you. Many people don’t know what that is. I encourage them to figure this out and do some homework on what they think they would like to do and if they can make a living doing it.

Once you have identified what this is, only then can you create a plan of action for making it happen. It takes time to transition into something new and most likely you will have to take a pay cut, but starting on the road to “career recovery” is the path to happiness and best use of your life. It will offer you freedom to be who you are and make you a more content person.

So, the next time you find yourself sleeping at your computer, take a moment to ask yourself if you really are still enjoying your vocation or if it is time for a career re-haul. Start jotting down notes about what you don’t like about your current job and what you still find engaging. This is the beginning of setting your plan of action for a new career, and finding something you love to do.


Don’t waste your life just coasting. Get out there and be your best.


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  • I deal with construction projects, and I have a secret to tell many of you who feel tired and your job. It is the air systems in these buildings that make you dose off.

    So now you all can take that deep breath now thinking that it was those various late night events that were affecting your job performance.

    There are a/c fluids that are used that are mixing with the building insulation and dry walls that cause a a chemical affect on our breathing and senses. it is like we are being put under a deep sleep This is happening more in newer buildings. One of the problems is the dry walls that is coming in from China. Think of it this way....remember how the Govt. said it was bad to eat paint chips or chew on plastic toys before 1970? Did that mean eating paint chips or toys after 1970 was safer? Better check on the Govt. for that report.

    At casinos in Vegas, there are "chemicals" put in the air to keep you gambling and drinking. I know what you are saying..."Cubs Talk" is crazy. All I can say is that if "science" can make pills for various health matters, they also can make a "mist" to make you keep rolling the dice and re-ordering Captain Morgans.

    One time I saw an elderly co-worker dosing off at his computer. What really was happening he was in a diabetic seizure. I got him some candy and soda to help him stay awake. He forgot his medicine that day.

    The other point I like to make is about career changes. I read somewhere where 85% of the people never finish in the career they studied in college. Int he last few years, I have worked on a screenplay and several novels. I always re-write several lines in the stories now then. I try to improve or add characters in my stories. Maybe someday I hope to have my stories printed. From what I read these days. I believe I have a good chance.

    So any of you are tired of the rat race you are in, and have the money to take a chance to do a career change, do it. Don't regret it years later.

    Do check on your company air systems if you feel that are hindering your job. Keep moving around and take in fresh air if your feel there is a problem.

    In the meantime, I have to keep my day job to pay my bills and forget the dream I have of being the Cubs GM or a Oscar winning screen writer.

  • Thanks, Cubstalk for your comment. It is so important to find a way to do what you love best, even if it is a hobby until you can afford to make a living at it.

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