Bragging & Bitching on Facebook: Our Addiction

Bragging & Bitching on Facebook: Our Addiction

It has occurred to me after reading a number of Facebook posts (which I do every day after I check my e-mail) that many of us are either looking for recognition on a victory we have won or are bitching about something or someone.

Facebook has become a highway for unloading whatever is on our mind. It is a place where we can share our deepest feelings along side our greatest accomplishments with people who in some cases we barely know.

But, why do we do it? Why do we share this personal information with our Facebook “friends” and engage in such sensitive information with others who are in our network? I am as guilty as anyone else for doing this. Whenever I have something good happen in my life, I can’t wait to share it. I guess I am looking for support from those who follow me. It makes me feel good to have people affirm my successes.

There are also those times that I have to bitch about something. This is not often in my case, yet I did get on a roll over the last Presidential election which may have cost me some FB friends. Sometimes, it is just difficult to “not” make strong statements on issues we strongly believe in.

Commenting on Facebook continues to be an addiction for most of us who use the site. It has become an important aspect of our lives that allows us to reach out to a number of people with just one click. It keeps others informed about what we are doing in our lives. It has replaced making calls to many people we actually should connect with.

More and more people, of late when I see them in person know exactly what I have been doing in my life by following me on Facebook. When I see them, they already know what I have been up to; no need to bring them up to date! Yet, there is also a sense that I have been “too” transparent in my conversations and perhaps need to not get so personal.

The fact is that most of us that use Facebook for daily updates are very personal. We give too much information about what we are doing in our lives. It is like we are publishing our diary for all to see. What are we really getting from this exposure? And, what brand and image are we really portraying?

My advice is before you post is to reread your dialog a few times and look closely at the photo you are about to send. One time I posted a photo of me in a bathing suit and did not look closely at the photo. My husband was in the picture, too, in his underpants taking the photo! I removed it after I got a few cackles from my FB friends.

Now that is getting too personal!


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  • Facebook is among the "social media" that is further discouraging in person interaction. Why should a person want to "get together" with another, unless for a compelling reason, as they already are up-to-date with what the other person is doing, from the new grandkid to the answered question of whether the hubby is wearing boxers or briefs?

  • I'm very sporadic with my Facebook posts. It makes me so annoyed when I go home for the Holidays and talk with my "friends" that literally think my posts are representative in some way of the depth of who I am. Facebook is making us stupider and less empathetic and understanding of each other.

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