A Merry Christmas Filled with Hope!

A Merry Christmas Filled with Hope!


It was the night before Christmas and workers at Jewel and Starbucks were busy at their jobs. Not a day off for them as they waited on customers. Many were tired, but needed a job while their families waited for them to end their day.

Once off the clock, they rushed to the stores buying some last minutes gifts filling the hopes of their children that St Nick would bless them with presents under their tree. Tired and rushed they hide the presents for their children wondering if life would change next year.

They hoped for a better job with more money knowing that they needed a break from this hectic pace. They took a deep breathe and prayed for guidance feeling better for a moment as they entered the house.

Two small children with stars in their eyes hugged them and asked when Santa was coming. Smiling at their kids, they said, “Go to bed and Santa will come. Did you leave out a cookie?” The children said they did with a big glass of milk.

To all who work hard to provide for their families, may your Christmas be filled with love, laughter and hope.


Merry Christmas!!

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