2013 Job Resolutions!

2013 Job Resolutions!

With 2012 quickly coming to an end, leaving so many still unemployed and wondering what 2013 will bring, what can you do differently to get a job this upcoming year?

Employers continue to look for people that fill their immediate needs and are mostly not interested in training. It is still an “employer-driven” job market, where companies have their choice of job candidates. There are many more experienced candidates and too few jobs.

So what can you do to accelerate your job search? What areas should you focus on in 2013 to transition to a new career? One thing for sure is that companies continue to hire individuals that have current skills and who can impact their bottom-line quickly.

How do you transition from an overcrowded or less active industry to a new career?

Here are some tips:

  • Take a hard look at what your strongest skill level is. Evaluate if you are current in what you can offer a company. Are you up to date in your knowledge in your given industry? If not, you need to take some courses to supplement your experience. Staying current is essential in getting a job in your area of expertise. What you may lack in experience can be overcome by your knowledge of an industry. Knowledge is King in this current job market.
  • Immerse yourself in your industry LinkedIn chat groups, of which there are many in any given field. Find out what is going on and what some of the challenges are for companies in your industry. Engage in the dialog and be a thought leader. There is much to be learned from these sites.
  • Revise your résumé. Hire a résumé writer to help you best position your skills and experience to increase your chances of getting a job interview and past the recruiter to a hiring manager. The goal is to work toward getting in for face-face interviews.
  • Identify current trends in your industry. This will be where the jobs are. For example, if you are looking at a marketing position check out the online marketing research firms which are becoming increasingly important to companies attempting to figure the WHY of consumer buying by focusing on qualitative data instead of just the quantitative information collected by many social media sites.
  • Spend time networking with people, in and out of your industry, who can give you an insight as to what they are focusing on in 2013. Offer your services on a volunteer basis to gain experience in areas you are looking to work. This will keep you focused (and, certainly busy) while you are looking for a new position or career and get you needed experience.

2013 is all about career transition. It is the time to change how you look for a job and market yourself. Use your time wisely, stay focused and get the resources you need to transition into a new job or vocation. Stay the path and be aware of potential opportunities. You may have to take a few steps back before you can go forward but you WILL achieve your goal.

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