2013 Job Outlook

2013 Job Outlook

Where is the job growth going to be in 2013? What areas should you focus on? And what job sectors are poised for growth?

2012 has been a challenging year for many who have been displaced from their job and are trying to get back into the job market. Many remain “underemployed” while attempting to get a job in their given industry. The unemployment number continues to fall, and companies are hiring, yet the competition for jobs remains fierce.

2013 is the year for change. It is time for you to go to where the jobs are rather than waiting to find something that was the same as what you were doing before you lost your job. It is time for you to reassess your skills and to focus on what value you can bring to a company. It is also the time for you to consider growth industries as a new career.

Here are some areas I see as poised to growth in 2013:

  • Online Marketing Research-This industry is “hot” now as the need for qualitative data on consumer behavior in spending is becoming essential as social media and online conversations offer vital information for companies. Jobs as an Analyst, Client Relations Manager and Sales Executive are most needed in this space and people with brand management, marketing and social media experience should look into companies that provide online marketing research.


  • Construction Management-The construction sector was one of the hardest hit sectors in the Great Recession. Residential sales are beginning to pick up, especially in the west and east coast, as foreclosures and short sales have been absorbed into the marketplace. Construction companies are gearing up to rebuild their portfolio. Project Managers are needed as are Property Managers for new acquisitions and building starts.


  • Home Healthcare Workers– This area continues to be in demand as many infirmed and elderly choose or are focused to, due to the high cost of Assisted Living, to stay in their homes. Nurses and Nurses Aides are needed to administer medication and tend to the needs of this growing population.


  • Production Work-With the advent of the Reality show popularity more and more people are trying to become the next star on TV. There is a growing need for camera people and production workers to film sizzle reels for these individuals. If you have a video camera and the editing tool access, you can get much work from people who need your skills.


  • Mobile Technology- This is the new internet for buying. The applications for mobile purchasing are increasing at a feverish rate as more and more companies are adopting mobile technology. Many jobs are being created in this space to handle the demand for mobile retail buying. Sales, marketing, and consulting management are in demand positions in this space.


  • Home Concierge Services- The people that have jobs are overloaded and extremely busy. They need help in managing their household. Dog walking and sitting, maid services, maintenance and home repair personnel continue to be needed for those too busy to deal with these chores.

Make 2013 your year for change by doing things differently. Look at your career as a new start to delve into areas you never considered. One constant we can all count on going forward is change. Success lies in your ability to adapt to change and make it work for you.

May your 2013 be filled with passion and purpose as you enter a new journey in your life!

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