What Do College Graduates Want from an Employer?

What Do College Graduates Want from an Employer?

Every year Universum conducts a survey on college campuses in an online closed end format in an attempt to find out what the most coveted places are to work for college graduates and what they are seeking in an employer. 59,643 undergrad students with a grade point average of 3.5 and above from 320 universities across the U.S. were asked in this online survey a multitude of questions to help determine what companies were the most coveted to work for and what was important for them to have in a career and from a company.

Here are some interesting facts from the survey:

  • Job security is still a top priority and is rated as the #1 job attribute.
  • The next most important requirement is professional training and development.
  • The salary expectation for females averages $48,235, while males expect to make an average of $55, 292.
  • The mantra for college graduates is “work hard, play hard” as a high priority.
  • Young people are more mobile and more interested in an international career wit a company brand that is consistent over national borders but flexible enough to adapt to cultural preferences.
  • They want a clear opportunity for future growth.
  • Many want the chance to do something that is meaningful and the freedom to work where they’d like.

The companies who responded to this survey said they are looking for the following as a primary asset for a potential employee:

  • 21% -team work
  • 18%-goals, achievement orientation
  • 17%-Creativity and innovation
  • 13%-International orientation
  • 9%- Leaderships skills
  • 7%-Emotional stability

The Top (10) Companies rated in order by the business majors to work are:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Walt Disney
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte
  • JP Morgan
  • Nike
  • PWC
  • Goldman Sacks
  • KPMG

For more information on this 2012 study go to www.universumglobal.com.

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