It's Time for Retirement for Obama

It's Time for Retirement for Obama

With the presidential election looming, less than 48 hours from today, it is important to look at President Obama’s record on job growth in the past four years. When he took office the unemployment number was at 7.8%.  Today the number of unemployed is 7.9%. It appears that even with the billions of dollars in stimulus package monies Obama’s methods of getting people back to work has not helped.

We could have given those unemployed individuals money directly for education rather than throwing money at programs that haven’t worked. The bottom-line is that most of the Obama-backed programs have not worked. They have not created jobs or helped train the unemployed for new careers. Obama’s policies have been a failure.

The latest job numbers added 171,000 positions in October according to the Labor Department. This hiring was broad based in practically every industry but the government that in my opinion has too many jobs, as it is. This is an improvement in a lack-luster employment environment, yet still doesn’t send a message that Obama made the right decisions by spending tax payer’s money to stimulate the job economy.

His policies failed. His Administration did not create job growth. He did not make the right decision in what to do about the job crisis, rather time did it for him. As time has gone on companies are beginning to hire. This is after four difficult years and a debt created by our U.S. government that will insure inflation in the near future.

Soon the message will be inflation. So when you do finally get a job in 2013, you can thank President Obama for the higher taxes you will pay and the higher cost for products/services. The cost of living is already rising while the pay for work is decreasing. Job security will still be fragile as the unemployment rate slowly goes down over the next couple of years, leaving many still underemployed or living on welfare.

For the past two elections, I voted for the guy who won the Presidency. First I voted for George W, then for Obama. I am voting for Romney this time. I haven’t been wrong yet. It’s time for REAL change, not unemployment welfare. President Obama needs to go back to Hawaii and look for that birth certificate.


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  • What was the unemployment rate 3 months after he took office?

    And are you going to get Obama another job, as you claim that you can for your other clients, despite what you say about the economy?

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, Obama doesn't need another job. He has made millions by branding himself in politics and going on to become President. I have nothing personal against the guy but he has not been an effective President these last four years. It's time for him to leave office. I felt the same about George Bush during his first term. They both didn't do a very good job. What's with this criticism of me "claiming" to help people find jobs? I do successfully package and help candidate's find jobs.

  • In reply to Terri Lee Ryan:

    "For the past two elections, I voted for the guy who won the Presidency. First I voted for George W, then for Obama. I am voting for Romney this time. I haven’t been wrong yet."

    It took to the end of a Supreme Court term to tell Dennis Byrne that he was wrong twice. Apparently, it took only until 11 p.m. on Nov. 6 to tell you that you are wrong now, at least about voting for the winner. I was able to tell you yesterday that you were manipulating statistics in an illogical manner.

    "President Obama needs to go back to Hawaii and look for that birth certificate." Maybe you can give yourself some career counseling, and get a job with Trump.

    With your prior posts about "everyone is worse off" and the above one that the unemployment rate is no better, I don't believe your claims about being successful in your current career.The inconsistencies don't compute.

  • BTW, you admit that you voted for GWB in 2004. How did his before and after numbers turn out? Wasn't the financial meltdown on his watch?

  • Retirement? He's just getting started.

    Apparently, you forget that Obama saved a million auto industry jobs. There's been job growth for over 30 consecutive months. And the unemployment rate is under 8%.

    And Osama Bin Ladin is DEADer than a doornail.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    We disagree on Obama Aquinas but thanks for the comment. We'll see who wins tomorrow.

  • "I haven't been wrong yet" Thankfully, there's always a first time. The fact that you would end with the comment "President Obama needs to go back to Hawaii and look for that birth certificate." makes me wonder if you ever really voted for President Obama (actually, I would bet that you didn't). That statement shows your lack of integrity as a human being. You really have nothing to base your bias on so you sink to the lowest level of the birthers. You should retire to the hole you crawled out of and...just stay there.

  • In reply to purhoney:

    Purhoney, I had much to base my comment on. There has been much written about Obama being born in Kenya. Based on the celebration there when he won, it makes you wonder.

  • There's a first time for everything.

  • In reply to Ninnafaye:

    Yes, there is a first time and I did not vote for the President that won. Thanks for the comment.

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