Are You Ready for a Job Interview? (5) Tips for Success

Are You Ready for a Job Interview? (5) Tips for Success

Securing a job interview with a company is only the beginning of the job hunting process. During and after the interviews with the hiring manager is when your work really begins. You need to be prepared for this process and do your homework. It can make the difference in whether you get the job or not.

Companies typically bring in their short list of potential hires for face-face interviews. Often they have four people in on this list of possible candidates for the open position. The face-face interview is the most relevant time to establish if your skill set and demeanor are a good fit for a company.

Having a great series of interviews is crucial to getting hired. This is the time to really step-up and show not tell the hiring managers what skill set you bring to the table that gives them a compelling reason to hire you.

It is during this hiring process that employers determine you’re fit for their firm and what value you offer for them. Knowing what their “hot points” are and what they feel is needed for the position is essential to getting a job. It’s your responsibility to make sure you know what they are focusing on as their priorities.

Here are (5) Tips for interviewing and the follow-up to an interview:

  • Always be on time for a job interview, whether it is on the phone or in person. I have seen great candidates get overlooked because they were 20 minutes late for a call. Make sure when you set up an interview time that you eliminate any distractions that would cause you to be late for the interview.
  • Make sure you know what a hiring managers “hot points” are before you set up an interview meeting. Ask the recruiter what is crucial to this position you are applying for. Find out what is important for them. As a job candidate you are there to fill a void for a company. Spend time steering your interview discussions to what value you bring to the company in areas that fill their needs.
  • Interviewing for a job is nerve-racking even when we are great communicators. Don’t sell your skills rather present them. Make sure to carefully listen to questions being asked during the interview. Don’t let your nervous energy destroy your chances of best delivering your best attributes. Limit you caffeine intake before all interviews; hold off on the Starbuck’s Mocha Late, until after you call.
  • Make sure to have good eye contact with the interviewer. Pay attention in detail to your appearance. Make sure your shoes are shined, nails manicured and clothes are fresh; no dog hairs. Bring a pad of paper to take note, if needed. Have at least three questions going into the interview to create dialog and allow you to actively participate in the interview process.
  • After the interview, preferably the same day, follow up with an e-mail (copy the recruiter) outlining the key points in your discussion with the hiring manager and reiterating how your skills/experience adds value. I like to use five bullet points addressing their “hot points.” Keep your note on the shorter-side and concise.

Companies hire people for a multitude of reasons, yet most hire the person who they believe fills their needs and will thrive in their culture. The rest of the process from there on out is out of your control. Just make sure you have your references all lined up for the hiring manager and you can send over when asked.


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