How to Find a Job on LinkedIn

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has been garnering more attention lately as the job market continues to stall and many are still looking for work or a better company for their skill set. Many people have had  a presence on this site, yet did not use it much for postings or on-line conversation. This has all changed, of late. And, it seems that everyone is talking about LinkedIn as the site to use to network.

I have had a profile on LinkedIn since 2008. When I first joined the site, I saw the value of it as a place to showcase my skills by posting my résumé. It almost seemed too good to be true to be able to have my professional profile out there, with no cost. All I could think about was all the people I could connect with to develop my Database.

LinkedIn has come a long way since 2008, with its large number of industry groups, job postings and optimized search. It has also tripled its number of users since then. It will outpace Facebook in users I assure you, as we all have less time to post on Facebook. The time spent on LinkedIn is much more productive in developing useful relationships for you career.

So just how do you use LinkedIn to help you find a new position?

Here are some tips for maximizing your time spent on the site:

  • Make sure you have a well-written and well-presented profile with a professional photo. It is an opportunity to showcase your skills in a format that others will read if presented in a professional, succinct manner. It is imperative to put as much information out there that you can to help others understand who you are and what value you add to them or their network.
  • Join all the Groups that are relevant to your industry. Also, join the alumni groups at companies you used to work at. Larger firms have an alumni group. It is a great place to stay in touch with your former co-workers and managers. It will also help you find them and to re-connect when you are looking for a job or a contract assignment or need a job reference.
  • Start conversations in the industry groups you are apart of. Let people get to know you and your viewpoints on industry related topics. Make sure to also respond to those that make comments. You will become known in the group which could lead to contacts at companies you are interested in working at.
  • Check out the entire job boards within each group and sector. There are thousands of jobs posted on LinkedIn that remain unfilled. Start responding to these job postings if the job description matches your skill level.
  • Having many contacts on LinkedIn is important, but be discerning as to who you allow into your network. If they have nothing to do with what you do in your career, don’t let them in. Look at your contact list as your own Rolodex. You need to protect the integrity of your list the best you are able and still grow your contact list.

Happy Job hunting on LinkedIn. I have a couple of jobs posted for a client of mine in sales and client relationships in the marketing research sector, let me know if you can find them!


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  • As a former Fortune 500 executive I can assure you that the traditional way of getting hired no longer works. Stop all the coffee meetings and sending your resume to any and everyone. Everything you do has to be customized to the company or hiring manager. If not, you won't stand out or get an interview. Companies hire people to solve problems (both positive and negative). Your ability to uncover your target employers problems and position yourself as the solution is what will get you hired.
    Bob Prosen
    The Prosen Center
    for Business Advancement

  • LinkedIn is only useful if you stay active on it. Many recruiters are actively looking for candidates in various industry- or profession-specific groups. If you're looking for a job, stay active in group discussions. It will help you stand out to recruiters and connect with others in your industry.

    David Hunter Moore
    JobSpire Job Seeker Blog

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