Romney or Obama: Who is the Better President for Job Creation?

Romney or Obama: Who is the Better President for Job Creation?

The November election is heating up with much at stake for the United States future. Presidential hopeful and republication candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his VP running mate. Will this ticket be the right choice for job creation? Or will our current President Obama be the one who leads our country out of this recession?

With the national unemployment rate at 8.3% and jobless claims remaining at a troubling high, it appears that Obama’s policies over the past almost four years has not helped much to create new jobs. The fact is there are many displaced job seekers who are struggling to make it in a highly competitive job market with not enough jobs for those who want to work.

The government deficit is rising at an astounding rate as more people turn to the government looking for positions and protection from the free market. There are more people on the government payroll and less of us paying taxes as entitlement programs continue to provide income to those who are unable to provide for themselves.

I believe that we need to protect those that can not provide for themselves. Certainly, we as a nation must do this, yet there are many that are taking advantage of this process by remaining on government assistance much longer than they should. By receiving a paycheck every week they become less motivated to continue to look for new jobs or to learn new skills that will help them provide for themselves. In the end, this will only hurt their chances of having a successful career.

Unemployment compensation was never meant to be a long term solution. It was meant to be used in the short term to help those laid off to be able to have some income while looking for a new job or training for a new career. The average time on unemployment was six months. Now the program has been as long as five years! What our government needs is create training programs and partnerships with companies for hiring those that complete these programs. Part of the problem is that many of us need to learn new skills to compete in the job market.

So, did Obama’s Administration fail us? I believe they did. I am an independent voter and voted for him, yet though he is a great speaker and probably a nice man, he has not helped our country with his programs. The debt our government is making will greatly affect the younger taxpayers with much higher taxes.

I am looking to Romney’s team to offer us new solutions that will help all of us and set up a system that will make it easier for companies to hire new employees and spend money on human capital. Watch closely what he says, he is a successful businessman. What we need now is an Administration who knows how to run a business and create growth. Mr. Romney what do you propose to help our economy create jobs?


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  • If you want a government job, no doubt Obama is the guy.

    If you want a job in the private sector, Romney is the guy.

    Let's call it right, too: Obama is not a great speaker. He sucks. I speak all the time, and if I read like Mr. Bobble Head off a teleprompter I would be screwed. If a person knows there subject they do not have to force fed by a teleprompter, but if they want to try to fool all of the people all of the time, they do.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I agree with you Richard. Obama does well with a teleprompter and not so much when his has to speak on the spot. Let's see how he does in the debates. Thanks for your comment.

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