The Three Essential Steps to Employment

The Three Essential Steps to Employment

After countless interviews with job candidates when I was an executive recruiter and hours upon hours of job coaching sessions with my clients, I have determined the essential three steps to take when looking for a job.

Whether you are currently employed and looking to change your job or career or just looking for a position these three steps will work for you.

Here are the (3) essential steps for employment:

1.)    Define– Spending time to determine who are and what skills you can bring to a company is the first step to finding a job. You are the product that needs to be defined. You will not secure a job, unless you have a clear idea of what your “story is” and can articulate what value to bring to a company. Ask yourself, what have I done in the past that are my strengths? What experience do I have in the areas where my strengths are? And, what education do I have to back up my innate talents and experience? Once you define yourself then create 2-3 sentences as to who you are. Like on Facebook write an About Me, but keep it focused on your professional life.

2.)    Package– Once you have determined who you are and have developed your “About Me” summary; it’s time to package your skills through your résumé, cover letters and follow-up e-mail correspondence. Make sure your résumé opens up with a strong, compelling summary statement at the top of the page. And, don’t forget to include your education in the summary. Often, the summary is as far as a recruiter will get with your résumé, so assume this and pack it with concise information on who you are and the skills you bring to the table. Also, draft a number of versions of cover letters that you can customize when you are ready to pitch a job. Don’t write well? Hire a professional writer or career coach.

3.)    Sell– Set up your job search as you would when you are selling a product or service. If you haven’t sold anything in your career ask one of your friends in sales to help you with this step. Set up your job search by identifying companies that your skills, education and talents will be a benefit. Create a spreadsheet for your job search. It will keep you organized as to when to follow up with what company and generally keep you up on how you are doing in your job search at large. Target (15) companies at a time, research them for potential jobs that may match your skill level and list the companies that have job openings on your spreadsheet. Start applying for the jobs. When you have exhausted this list, find another (15) companies to contact.

Looking for a new job or career is one of most difficult task you will have to do in your life. It takes keen self-awareness, humility and perseverance to find the right company for your talents. Follow these three steps and you will be on your way to finding employment and/or a new career.

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