The Road to Job Independence

With a sluggish world economy and lack of jobs, more people are looking for ways to make money using their unique skills. Connecting your service with a buyer has become much more attainable since Fiverr, a leading global marketplace company for micro services, launched their site two years ago. Based on this need to connect people who offer serves to those who need them it has changed how we do business.

Founded on this concept,Israel based Fiverr founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger have identified the need for entrepreneurs looking for exposure to their services to showcase their talents on one site, where potential buyers can find them. There is a need for people to be able to work where they want, when they want and how they want. Around the world, a new type of entrepreneurs are channeling their talents, passions, interests and skills to replace or supplement traditional 9-5 jobs, making it easier to make money wherever they live.

According to the recent “Road to Job Independence” survey comprised of 1,100 Fiverr sellers where more than half (57%) have earned more than $100 since joining the site. 23% have made over $500 and 15% have earned more than $1,000. 14% report that selling their service on Fiverr is their primary source of income and five sellers on this site have made $100,000. Fiverr lists over 1,000,000 gigs in 200 countries with a large variety of money making ventures. These services include: graphic design, writing, personalized greetings, voice overs, video production, expert advice, software & web development, music, and marketing. Want a cookie made of your puppy? It’s here. Need a new company logo? Look no more.

So here’s how it works. All the services are initially offered for $5. That’s right, only five dollars! Think of what you can get for a $100. It’s like going to the Dollar store. The founders of this site wanted easy access to the seller’s services. By pricing the services at $5, it compels us to try these service providers with little risk. It’s a brilliant model for business. CEO/Cofounder, Micha Kaufman said in an interview, “The average Joe didn’t have a place to sell their services. Fiverr gives them invaluable exposure.” Like eBay, the reputation of the vendor is the key to their success and the better the customer evaluation, the more likely they will become a top seller and get repeat business at a higher price.

If there are any issues with the seller’s services, Fiverr stands behind its promise to deliver and resolves any complaints. Paypal is accepted on the site and it is super quick to use with most transactions preformed in 20 seconds. Mr. Kaufman maintains that, “The site is a very simple product, simple to relate to, a simple call of action and everything is contained on the site, making it a one-stop shopping experience.” If you are looking to list your services you will be charged a 20% fee, but it includes the listing, processing and credit card fees.

Backed by quality VC firms such as Accel Partners (funded Facebook), Fiverr is the “hottest” selling site for service providers in the world. Look for it to go public. Check it out at Fiverr.


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