Don’t Miss: Technology Women’s Leadership Mentoring Conference, August 8th

Don’t Miss: Technology Women’s Leadership Mentoring Conference, August 8th

Remodista recently launched a series of mentoring sessions within their Women’s Leadership Program for the retail and digital communities. While creating niche education they see an exciting opportunity to mentor emerging leaders through events, collaboration and networking.

Remodista is a retailer’s forum for all things mobile commerce, taking its name—and mission—from core principles of retail and mobility distilled into one community. Fresh content from industry thought leaders and peer reflection meet in a collaborative environment for retailers to learn, share and bring visionary strategies to market

These forward thinking ladies participating in this event know they are heading for the top of their industry and are committed to helping others reach their career goals.  These savvy women are active in the retail and digital communities and have come together to build a physical and virtual space for women looking to lead!

The host of this informative event is Acquity Group’s Power of X. The mission of this seminar is discuss how to create your vision for a fabulous career. It is a unique opportunity to meet and learn from some of the leading ladies in this space.

The event which is being hosted on August 8, 6:30-pm at 500 W.Madison(CitibankBuilding), Suite2220 is only $26.00 and tickets can be ordered on-line.

The meet and greet period between 6:00-6:30pmwill offer you an opportunity to meet some of the speakers and leaders in this industry. They are here to help you get to the next level in your career. The forum includes advice on building your career and success stories from a panel, including: Kristie Heinz Fox, VP of Technology, Edleman, Christina Garcia, Senior Manager of Retail Systems, OfficeMax, Alexis Hiller, Marketing Communications Manager, Baker Furniture, and Kathryn Kerrigan, eCommerce Manager, The Room Place

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