Have you Helped Others Find a Job? You Should.

Have you Helped Others Find a Job? You Should.

With so many of you being out of work and seriously frustrated by finding a new job for yourself, the thought of helping others is probably not even on your radar! Yet, it should be. When you help others, you make vital connections that can help you down the line in your own career.

So much of landing jobs these days is about networking and getting to a hiring manager through a direct referral. With more résumés than time to review them, HR directors and hiring managers welcome job candidate referrals. It saves them time and the company money to receive qualified individuals for open jobs.

Think about where you know people and how you can help others. If someone on LinkedIn reaches out to you, looking for contact information, take time out to meet with them to see if you like what you see. It’s just a cup of coffee and another person to network with in your own career journey. You have nothing got lose and much to gain.

You, of course, don’t have to refer everyone that asks you into a company you have contacts, but for the one’s that seemly fit the culture, why not help them out? People, who are looking for new opportunities, often are at a low point in their career. They will remember the people who helped them along the way and who took the time to make a few introductions for them.

You may also gain valuable contact information from them that will help you in your job search. They may become a friend or someone you can learn from. It’s all about forming new connections, with an open mind and a willingness to give back. Don’t hoard your contacts, rather share them with others that you believe would be of value to your contact base.

Build your own team of contacts as you continue on your journey to find work. The people you meet along the way may be your biggest supporters who can offer you support and advice. It’s all about connections these days and team work. The person that stands alone, remains unemployed.

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