Finding the Hidden Jobs on Social Media-JobsMiner

Finding the Hidden Jobs on Social Media-JobsMiner

I just discovered a site that will aide your job search efforts by enormous proportions!  A common problem in looking for a job position, is finding what is available ahead of the curve before others do and the recruiter is inundated with resumes!  Social media is becoming a primary source for recruiting for many companies.  Yet, how do you as a job seeker best utilize Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for your job search?

Check out JobsMiner.  This unique service allows users to search the vast social media for ‘hidden’ job opportunities.  They bring job seekers job offers people post to their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, or in professional Blogs and Forums. These opportunities are hidden from users that are not connected with the person posting the job.

JobsMiner unlocks the closed circle of friends and expands it by finding all job postings on the social media sites, even wall postings on Facebook (posted ‘public’) or blog and forum posts. This allows job seekers easy access to many more hidden postings they would normally not find in their regular social media job search.

One major benefit they offer their users (perhaps the most powerful one) is the exclusive access to job offers before they are ‘publically’ published – many of JobsMiner’s listings are found before the position is even posted on a company website or job board, where it is very common these days.  Employees/hiring managers post job offers via their social channels before the HR dept. uploads it to a job board or company website.

Now you can reach ppl within the organization – approach them directly, in a timely fashion, and not be just one of the thousands of resumes the HR manager gets from Monster etc.  You can also focus on particular job sector since they gather information that is out there in the social space.   JobsMiner’s semantic team maps out a huge amount of positions by constantly updating them and mapping out the actual jobs posted by real ppl.

As a truly social product, they are letting the job market determine their focus. In addition to that, in the coming weeks they are planning on addressing U.S. government recruiting initiatives and with their help, map out job-seekers needs, so we can try and address them.

There are good ppl and good jobs out there. JobsMiner has found a way to bring the available jobs to the job seeker.  It’s brilliant!  For more information, go to their web site at  or check out their Facebook application at


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  • Thanks for the pointers Terri. The advantage for companies in posting job ads to their social media streams first is they’ve then attracted candidates already interested in their company and the space they’re in. Jobsminer could be set to upset that balance yet again. Perhaps a reaction may be companies only taking applicants who’ve liked / followed their page for longer than a couple of weeks. Good on jobsminer for stirring things up.

    Luke W
    Community Manager

  • Great point, Luke! Thanks for your comment! Let me know what you think about the site.

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