(3) Job Hunting Tips You Need to Know

(3) Job Hunting Tips You Need to Know


Still looking for a job?  Tired of what you are doing and want to change careers?  Stuck working two jobs to make ends meet?  If you are in any of the above situations, it’s time to reset you job search and come up with a better plan!

I asked my friend and colleague, Debi Lusk, SPHR who has successfully landed a job as VP of Human Resources consistently over her career, just how she got a job in this difficult economy.  She has been downsized and laid off three times in the past ten years, yet always finds another job that matches her skill level.

I consider her to be one of the best job hunters I know and was happy to get her to share a few tips for us on what to do when you are job hunting and how to maximize your time. She has the following recommendations:

  • Know yourself.  If you haven’t completed an audit of your professional strengths; i.e., what about you adds value to an organization, you should step back and initiate the first step.  You may do this by either reaching out to a job coach; however, if your finances are such you can not engage the expert then consider conducting a survey of your peers and mentors.  I suggest the survey consist of these top 3 questions:  How did I add value to the organization from your perspective.  What sets me apart from others?  Another suggestion is purchase Strengthfinder 2.0 and complete the assessment uncovering your strengths.
  • Align your resume to the position.  You have heard this before over and over again, but the effort you take to adjust your resume to the position of interest allows you to stand out.  Take the time and the payoff will be there.
  • Research the company and the individuals.  Your research isn’t just about learning the prospective employer’s future or financial status.  The research should focus on getting to know the culture and the leadership.  By taking the time to learn more, you raise your level of confidence and stand out during the onsite interview.

We all need to hear a successful approach from others when looking for a new job.  Heed Ms. Lusk’s advice.  Her tips are quite useful.  I would add that you need to stay focused on your goals once you determine what they are and how you package yourself.  Don’t jump from project to project, just focus on getting on thing accomplished, and then move onto another.

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