Tips for Dealing With Holiday Depression

Tips for Dealing With Holiday Depression

The holidays are in full swing.  For many of us, this time of year is particularly stressful, Feeling overwhelmed and dealing with issues that are often out of your control often leads to depression.  It is a time that many are forced to handle underlining family issues, financial problems and lack of job opportunities, as companies close down for the season.

If you are looking for work it is even more difficult to find any enjoyment in the holidays, while feeling anxious about your potential employment.  It is difficult to look for a job during these next two weeks as company executives often take this time off to recharge for the New Year.

So, what do you do to feel better over the holidays and enjoy the season?  How do you avoid depression and feelings of self-doubt?  Here are some tips to help you make it through the holidays feeling good about yourself and your future:

  • Clear out the clutter in your life, Use this time to organize your thoughts and your paperwork.  Think hard about what you really want to accomplish for 2012 and write it down.
  • Take time to analyze what positive change you have made over the past year.  Think about all the great things you have done in your life and feel good about the accomplishments you have made.
  • Take time out to visit with old friends. This is a great opportunity to be around people that you haven’t seen for awhile.
  • Participate in holiday activates even if you don’t feel like it.  You will feel better getting out, rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Volunteer at a charity this holiday season.  You will see just how bad some people’s lives are and will remind you how good your life really is, even if you aren’t where you want to be.
  • Make peace with your past.  Don’t let it haunt you in your future.  Start the clock in your life from this moment on and don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes.
  • Watch one of your favorite holiday movies that makes you laugh and reminds you of good times.
  • Get plenty of rest and don’t drink too much!

I was shopping at Macy’s for a Christmas gift for a friend.  In a hurry, as I always am, I spotted one of the few workers in the wine department.  She looked overloaded and tired from work.  I felt sorry for her. I was extra nice to her and asked her about her holiday and how she was doing.  So surprised that I took the time to notice, she smiled and said,” You made my holiday season! Thank you for being so kind.” I was so happy that I made her happy; I was smiling for the rest of the day.

We can all learn from this.  Even when your world feels out of sorts with real pressures, we can always be kind and help others.  So in a world that sometimes seems to be out of control, a job market that is painfully anemic, and more bills than we know how to pay for, we can still take time to listen to others and offer a kind word.  This is really the beginning to our own recovery.

Happy Holidays to you all!!!

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