Waiting for an Offer on a Job? (5) Tips to Make it Work for You

Waiting for an Offer on a Job? (5) Tips to Make it Work for You

We have all gone through the waiting period, where we finally get in for an interview for a job.  We meet with four or five people in the company.  They seem to like us and we are hopeful that we are going to get an offer for the position we applied for.  Then something happens that rocks our world.  Nothing.

That’s right, nothing.  A day passes, a week, and then two weeks, with no response from the company we interviewed with.  We have already visualized our experience at the new company, yet we have not been offered a job!  Everyday we wait for the call from the hiring manager or recruiter for an offer.  The offer never comes.

So what is happening and how do we handle the “waiting period” while hoping for a job offer?  Having recruited for many companies over the years, I have the following advice for you. There are a number of reasons why you are not  getting a return phone call, even if you are the preferred candidate for the position.

(1.)           Know that when more than two weeks pass after finishing your interviews with a company that typically there is some kind of “hold-up” in the hiring process.  You do have a right to worry if you are ever going to get that job.  Job interviewing is like dating, if they are really interested in you they will ask you out in a timely fashion.  If two weeks have gone by without an update, it’s not a good sign.

(2.)           After no response for two weeks, you should contact the hiring manager or the individual that was your main contact in the interview process.  You need to let them know that you are still interested in the position, but have other opportunities (even if you don’t) and would appreciate knowing if you are still in the “running” for the position.

(3.)           If you do not receive any response from the company after reaching out a couple of times, then the chances are that they will not be hiring you.  Again, think about this like dating.  If you called a person twice and asked them out for a date and they didn’t respond, wouldn’t you conclude they weren’t interested?

(4.)           Always, keep looking for a job, even if you think you are going to get an offer from a company.  One never knows what a company is doing behind the scenes.  They may have an internal candidate they are considering, they may decide not to fill a job, or they may not be convinced that you are the one for the open position.

(5.)           Take the high road and if you hear nothing back from the company after making a few follow-up calls, send all the people you interviewed at the company a personal note thanking them for their time and interest.  They will remember you and if they do have an opening that they think you would be a fit for, they may call you.

Interviewing for a job is nerve-racking.  It is time to place your ego aside and to focus on building relationships that can help you in the future.  Building a successful career is not just about one job; it’s about developing meaningful relationships along the way.

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