Are You Addicted to Facebook? The Signs.

Are You Addicted to Facebook?  The Signs.

Are you one of the millions of people that check their messages on Facebook before they even make their coffee in the morning?  Do you find yourself checking your Facebook account many times a day to see if someone in your network sent you a message or “liked” your comment?  Are you obsessed with constantly taking photos to add to your Facebook, so you can share your day and get more “hits”?

I must admit that I do all of the above which makes me a “Facebook Addict”.  I spend way too much time on the site which means I check it at least five times a day.  I run around town with my camera taking photos or having people take photos of me, so I can post them on Facebook.

Some days, I feel as if I am running my life around this site.  What has happened to me?  Am I hopelessly addicted to Facebook?  I know I am not alone in this addiction because most of my Facebook friends comment and share photos almost every day.  It appears that we are all pretty addicted to this site.

I would suspect that most of us are addicted, especially the people over 30 that never had Facebook in college.  My younger friends are telling me that they are not using Facebook as much as they did in college; it’s just not that “cool” anymore to use.  Twitter has replaced Faecbook for many, but until Twitter finds a way to post photos, Facebook will remain popular in all age groups!

So why do we have an obsession with having people respond to our edgy or pretty photos of us doing things sometimes as mundane as eating a hot dog?  Why should we care if someone responds to us about it or “likes” it?  Since when is it that important that we share most everything we do with the world of “friends” on Facebook?

It seems that with a stalled economy many of us have more time than we have had in the past.  Posting on Facebook makes us feel more connected to the world.  I think many people also try to build their personal or professional brand on Facebook which works for some, but not for many.  In my world, it seems that everyone over 40 is in a fashion show in Chicago.  After awhile, self promotion gets irritating and we tune it out.

As a Facebook addict, my resolution until the end of the year, is to only check Facebook twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.  I will only post photos of something that others may want to see and I will “hide” the posts of those that brag so much about their lives, making me feel as if I have accomplished nothing in mine!  I’ll let you know how this all goes!


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  • Well written article that this "Geezer" can relate to Terri .... much thanks!

  • Thanks, "Geezer"! Appreciate the positive comment!

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