U.S. Part-Time Workers in Demand: The New Trend in Hiring

U.S. Part-Time Workers in Demand: The New Trend in Hiring

With the unemployment rate holding steady at just over 9%, it appears that the U.S. is going to be in for a long economic recovery.  Yet, many large companies have made money and have been stock piling it away to protect them from the uncertainty in our economy. This trend doesn’t help job seekers looking to get back into the work force.

The area of hiring that appears to getting stronger is in permanent part-time employment.  This part-time work can vary between 20-30 hours a week based on a companies needs.  It may be a great way to get back in the job market, while you are still looking for full-time employment or it may even lead you into a full-time job at the company you are working at part-time.

 Ron Goldstein, Principal of Silver Professionals, LLC, has found this trend to be real.  His firm fills part-time positions for those companies seeking to fill their vacancies.  The companies pay his company a fee to find quality talent.  With 22 years experience in marketing, recruiting, selling real estate, pharmaceutical, human resources and finance, among others, he has a keen prospective on the job market and an abundant database of contacts to help others secure employment.

He places job seekers, mostly in positions, in healthcare, manufacturing, technology, HR, legal and energy/green and financial services.  His success rate for filling open positions is quite high and he appears to be adept at matching talent with open company positions.

Mr. Goldstein has the following tips for job seekers looking to re-enter the job market.  He says they need to have the following attributes:

  • Critical thinking
  • Being a self starter
  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to travel
  • Self-confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism

He also recommends that as a job candidate that you are equipped to answer the questions thoroughly in an interview.  He recommends that you make sure to know what skills are needed for the open job and talking to people that work at the company you are interviewing at to find out the kind of behavior and/or protocol that company desires.  He also says, “Candidates who tell an interviewer about particular situations that relate to each question asked will be far more effective and successful than those who speak in general terms”.

Silver Professionals, LLC is holding its 1st Inaugural Networking Mixer on Tuesday, August 16 at 5pm at Quay restaurant & bar at 464E. Illinois by North Pier in Downtown Chicago.  Potential employers and employees will have an opportunity to meet and network with one another.  It’s a new way of networking that I believe will be more effective for job seekers. The entrance fee is $25.  Bring your resume, business cards and make sure to dress professionally.

For more information on Silver Professionals and/or the event, check out www.silverprofessionals.com.


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  • I am going to take a controversial stance on this and say that the trend to part-time hiring is potentially *good* for an employee. In this case, the employee is probably eligible for overtime pay if they work extra hours. As a full-time employee, an employer can expect 10-20 hours extra and not pay the employee an extra dime. Many employers have the expectation of long hours. Period. Also, over a certain number of hours you are entitled to health insurance so that may not be an obstacle. I agree this is definitely a trend but I think that it can benefit both the employee and the employer.

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    The trend is excellent for employees as they can measure ROI a lot more efficiently in addition to getting the $2500 kickback from the govt. for hiring an employee. On the employment side, it opens up many opportunities for qualified workers (CEOs, CIOs as well) to have more than 1 permanent PT gig@ a time and keep their perspectives and thought leadership fresh on each oppty.

  • There is also an opportunity for individuals such as parents, students, and caregivers who are qualified but do not want to or can not work full-time. For companies it enables them to create experts in an area instead of hiring many generalists.
    Linda Guild, CEO, The Talented Alliance of Part-time Professionals, an association. www.tapponline.net

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