No Job? Don't Apply Here!

No Job?  Don't Apply Here!

My role is to keep you current on information, trends in hiring and tips for your career, job development and update you on business news.  Here’s some disturbing news! According to the National Law Employment Project, there is a distinctive trend surfacing in hiring or I should say “lack of hiring” of job seekers that are not working!  Inundated with resumes, some companies are requiring in their job description that you are gainfully employed!

So what about the tremendous talent pool of people that are just waiting to get back to work and on with their life?  Over a four-week period, this advocacy program found 150 job ads that stipulated that job applicants already have a job, as reported in the Detroit News.

Some companies are saying that they want applicants to have worked the last six consecutive months before apply for a job.  This attitude in hiring screams to me of discrimination toward the unemployed, as if they made some mistake and were being punished for their actions and cast out to sea, like bad fish!

The suggestion that an unemployed worker did something wrong to be unemployed is ludicrous.  The advent of this Great Recession caught many by surprise; many lost their jobs, especially in the middle pay range areas which are the base of our middle class.  Many of these people have been unemployed for two years and counting.

Does this mean that they no longer have value to a potential employer?  I have said in the past that what I don’t like about long-term unemployment is that it can be counter-productive, where one holds out for that “dream” job, rather than having to re-invent themselves.  Corporations have never been too kind about hiring the unemployed worker.  This is why executive search firms and staffing firms still remain in business.

The reality is that companies do see more value in a worker that is currently employed than not.  Is it fair? No.  Is it legal to post a job requiring a potential job seeker to be employed when applying for a job?  Not yet, but some states are banning these ads from surfacing in their state.

In New Jersey, ads that call for the only employed job applicants have been banned.  Michigan State Representative, Jim Ananich, D-Flint, is considering a like measure in Michigan.  So far, Illinois has not addressed the situation.

My suggestion is that if you come across these ads, to contact your State congressman and make them aware of this job discrimination.  As a job seeker, you can’t keep a company from not interviewing or hiring you because you are unemployed.  Yet, you can persuade Illinois to act on this and ban the “presently-employed” ads.



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    Thanks for sharing! Employment discrimination happens everywhere, geography not withstanding. I just placed a GIS specialist in an energy audit firm and she had been out or work for 9 months. I had the great oppty. to speak@St chrysostoms employment council on the gold coast on Employment 2.0 last night.. We talked about this and the importance to persuade Illinois to act on this and ban the “presently-employed” ads.Look forward to seeing you@silverprofessionals mixer..Ron

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