You're Guilty, Mr. Rod Blagojevich

You're Guilty, Mr. Rod Blagojevich

Former Illinois
Governor Rod Blagojevich was convicted of (17) counts of wire tapping,
extortion, attempt to extort and bribery, today. A jury of (11) women and (1)
man, after meeting almost two week’s, left Blagojevich “stunned” by this
devastating verdict.  There were no
autographs this time being passed out to his followers, just a kiss and hug to
his wife Patti, as he left the courtroom in a daze.

In Blagojevichs
second trial, he finally went down.  He was
convicted on trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat previously
occupied by Obama, shake-down of Children’s
Memorial Hospital and a racetrack executive. Blago was
acquitted on (1) other count and the jurors were deadlocked on a count
concerning a construction executive.

This is our 4th
former Illinois Governor convicted of felonies, since 1973!  It is difficult to imagine that we the people
of the State of
Illinois continue to elect unethical criminals to
our highest power.  The Governor sets the
standards and policy for our state, yet four of them are convicted felons!

My friend worked
for the “Friends of Blagojevich” and helped him get elected.  I met her when my husband threw a fundraiser
for him for his first term in office.  We
never received any favors from him, but then we didn’t ask.  We really were just looking for a Governor
that would lead the way after former Governor Ryan landed in jail.

Early in Blago’s
second term my friend told me that there were some major issues in the
“Friends of Blagojevich” fundraising camp.  She was an ethical woman and knew she needed
to leave her job with him.  She bolted
out of there like a Chicago Marathon runner headed to the finish line!  It was then I knew that Blagojevich was
headed for problems.  I wonder how much
of my tax money he spent on his own gains.

So, as Blagojevich
deals with the prospect of facing significant time in prison, another chapter
on another corrupt politician is closed, leaving the people of
Illinois questioning what were they thinking when
they voted for the former convicted Governors. Whether they are Democrats or
Republicans, it appears both parties have made mistakes in choosing their
candidate for office.

 Or, perhaps all of
our politicians conduct their jobs this way, but just don’t get caught!

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