Common Mistakes Made when Applying for a Job

One of the biggest mistakes
I see job seekers make is not applying for a job that matches their
experience and skill level.  In this
highly competitive global job market we live in there are just too many candidates
that do have the expertise and who fit the job description a company is

Job seekers need to keep
building their resume by learning new skills, gaining experience and education
in areas where they want to work in.  It
takes commitment, hard work and tenacity to land that ideal job.  There are no short cuts in this current job

The following are some of
the common mistakes job seekers make when pitching a job:


1.      Their resume I poorly prepared.  It contains a list of items they did at
numerous jobs, yet doesn’t tell a story of who they are and what value they
bring to a firm.  The job summary should
be 4-5 sentences on what they bring to the “table”.

2.      They don’t research the company they want to work
before they contact a company.  With all
the data out there today, there is no excuse not to know what a company’s
vision and criteria is for hiring.

3.      They don’t know how to network to find people that
can actually help them get to a hiring manager within a company. They need to
use their network to get inside the company.

4.      They don’t know who they are, what skills make them
special and what value they bring to a company. 
If a job seeker doesn’t know, why would a hiring manager feel compelled
to hire them?

 Slow down and take
the time to organize you job search. 
Make sure to research and network with people and companies that match
your greatest strengths and experience. 
Don’t get caught up in the frenzy of social media, and the uncertainty
of the marketplace. Remain focused on your own job search and keep moving
forward with your own goals.


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  • Of course, I know someone who says a career counselor said to lie on her resume, then called me up and gave me her e-mail password (since she only has computer access at the library) to find out what she said in her last resume. I figure if she can't keep her lies straight, she doesn't have a chance to get a job.

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