Where Did Governor Quinn Have Dinner Tonight?

Where Did Governor Quinn Have Dinner Tonight?

Having attended the ChicagoNow Tweet up at the Clark Street Ale House which is always a fun event to hobnob with my fellow bloggers, I left for dinner with my husband in the River North neighborhood. Cold and rainy, we looked for a place to have a quick dinner that wasn’t too far from the Ale House.

We tried to get into one of my favorite places Quartino’s but the place was packed with people waiting for dinner. We didn’t want to wait for a table, so we headed down the street to our “standby” restaurant Bijan’s on State Street, where we used to go when we were dating.

Tired from a long day, we perched ourselves at a table by the window. While peering at the menu, I looked up and who walks in with a woman but our Governor Quinn! He casually strolls in, walking right by us and sits at a table 6 feet from ours. I look out the window and see Quinn’s limo parked in front. In the corner sits his bodyguard drinking an iced tea. Not one person in Bijan’s recognized our Governor. It was amazing to watch the patron’s just walk past him as if he didn’t exist. This was a rare moment for Governor Quinn, where he could enjoy a quiet dinner with his friend, Monica. He seemed so relaxed not having to be “on” for the public.

I, of course, had to meet Governor Quinn since I hadn’t met him and heard he is supporting a bill that will forever change the Worker’s Comp Act. My husband is a Worker’s Comp attorney, so we had to say hello. I checked with his body guard first, which is always a smart move before introducing yourself to a celebrity. His body guard was gracious and said it was okay to say hello.

Somewhere between his salad and entrĂ©e, we approached Governor Quinn, who was gracious and welcoming even when we mentioned the Worker’s Comp Bill, of which, he said, “no one will get scalped.” I certainly hope not or my husband may have to find a new career!

One never knows when they will meet a celebrity, whether it’s a movie star or politician, but I guarantee that they will be dining in places that aren’t in the limelight where they will be approached, except for RL’s who guards their celebrities with vengeance.

Governor Quinn, it was a pleasure meeting you and your friend Monica! I hope you can get a Worker’s Comp Bill passed that works for everyone, but it’s highly unlikely.

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