Job Seekers: Consider a Career as A Nanny!

Job Seekers: Consider a Career as A Nanny!


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Mary Dombrowski

The national unemployment rate has trickled down to 8.8%, the lowest in two years.  Yet, there are still millions of would-be workers still looking for a new job or investigating a new career.  Many are living on unemployment benefits applying for work in their field.  Whether we like it or not many of us are transitioning into a new career to meet the demands of our economy.


Meet Mary Dombrowski, owner of a Chicago area location for the franchise, College Nannies & Tutors. With over 70 0ffices nationwide it is the nations’ largest legal employer of nannies. Her company works with families throughout the Chicago area to provide full-time, part-time, temporary and “on call” childcare, as well as one-on-one tutoring programs customized to the needs of the student.


Mary purchased the Chicago territory of College Nannies & Tutors in late 2009 and opened for business in February 2010.  She says, “All of her nannies and tutors have some college education and range from freshman in college to graduated students.  It is a common misperception that all of my employees are college students; many have graduated or are in graduate school.”


Mary started this business first because of her passion for education and a desire to help alleviate stress in families.  The recruiting methods her company deploys are a combination of her previous nanny searches for her own child, as well as her years of recruiting and managing a team in the workplace.  She supports the moms and dads who don’t have childcare covered or who have been child struggling in school.


She maintains that her company helps keep things “settled” at home, so when a working parent comes home (and most of her clients are dual income households) they can focus on spending time together as a family.  Her nannies help with dinner preparation, homework, errands and some household chores.  The tutors work with students one-on-one in specific subjects, or to teach study skills or test taking techniques.

On the family side, they tailor solutions to their needs.  Her goal is to build long-term relationships with families, literally working with their children from cradle to college as they need her for childcare and tutoring.  On the nanny and tutor side, they offer a professional work experience including training and orientation as well as legal employment.  

 “My goal is to be the go-to for Chicago families who need childcare and tutoring services.  We try to make this super-simple for busy families.  We specialize in offering back up, often short notice, childcare (i.e. – just found out about a job interview tomorrow and your regular nanny is sick – call me; we’ve helped families with only hours of notice) as well as part-time nannies who work in the morning to help get the children off to school or with after-school pickup.”


What Mary loves about her business is helping the families and knowing her team makes a difference.  The challenge of the business is that families need her services 24/7 and they need to be there to respond. 

Mary offers a competitive employee package for her employees and is dedicated to offering the best nannies and tutors for her clients in
Chicago.  She looks for people who have some experience in childcare and/or tutoring who love working with children.  CPR and first aid certification is a big plus, or at least a willingness to become certified.  Individuals with experience such as: teachers, camp counselors, lifeguards and babysitters are encouraged to apply. For actors, musicians and art majors with experience with children this is a fulfilling and flexible job.


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a nanny or tutor, contact Mary Dombroski at  Check out the web-site at or


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