Bricks+Mobile: The Technology of Our Future


Kelly Stickel-Remodista Founder

Doing business in this high tech world economy is a challenge.  It is moving faster than most of us can comprehend.  The new products and services offered are being created at an astounding rate, leaving many of us unable to keep up with all the new information being released into the marketplace, every day!


For job seekers and the still-employed, information is the key to surviving your career and remaining marketable.  So many jobs revolve around technology, it becomes increasingly important to stay abreast of the current trends and opportunities available. The more informed, the more valuable you will be to an employer. The cheapest and productive way to gather cutting-edge information is to attend educational seminars offered by leaders in an industry.


My top pick for this month is a seminar hosted by Remodista, called Bricks + Mobile, held on March 30th at the Spertus Institute.  Remodista is a retailer’s forum for all things mobile commerce, taking its name–and mission–from core principles of retail and mobility distilled into one community. Fresh content from industry thought leaders and peer reflection meet in a collaborative environment for retailers to learn, share and bring visionary strategies to market.


Remodista was founded in 2010 by Kelly Stickel who has been an active organizer of mobile educational events in Chicago.  She also works at the innovative, global digital consulting firm, Acquity Group, as the Director of Vendor Relations.  Acquity has supported Kelly in her passion for putting mobile educational events together for the Chicago community and this event is not exception.  


I spoke with Kelly Stickel about the Bricks + Mobile event which addresses the trends & opportunities in mobile retail and asked her why it is so important. Kelly said, “We saw a need to bring together marketers, technologists and consumer experts to discuss the latest trends and developments around mobile commerce and retail. Our primary goal with Bricks + Mobile 2011 is to create content and educate the retail community.  We want to provide a platform where we can build on successful mobile commerce strategies. “


This one-day conference is expected to attract an upwards of 200+ attendees, including many CEO’s, CTO’s and CMO’s in this informative discussion on the trends in mobile retail and commerce.  Kelly has lined up a number of speakers from premier companies and leaders in the retail and mobile commerce space.


Keynote speakers include: Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor & Author of the book, “Why She Buys”, Jessica Rotnicki, VP, Ecommerce North America, Estee Lauder Companies and Tammi Franke, Partner at Fitzgerald & Hewes, LLP.  There will also be representatives from Discover, ISIS, Verizon and Motorola, and many more speaking.


Some of the topics addressed will be in-store engagement, mobile loyalty-CRM, Mobile Payment, Mobile Measurement & Analytics, Social Mobile Commerce and Security Mobile Commerce.  The cost of the one-day event is $150.


This is a great opportunity to learn about the retail mobile space while networking with some of the top leaders in the market.  It’s a perfect conference for connecting with people while gaining knowledge of a growing industry where there will be an opportunity for job-growth.  Don’t miss it!


For more information on Remodista and Bricks + Mobile 2011, please go to Or contact Kelly directly at Tickets are selling fast, so don’t wait.

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