Rahm Emanuel Wins Big in the Chicago Mayoral Race!

Rahm Emanuel Wins Big in the Chicago Mayoral Race!

Rahm Emanuel wins the Chicago mayoral race with 55% of the vote.  By 9pm Rahm gave his acceptance speech to a large crowd of supporters.  He thanked Mayor Daley for his service to the city of Chicago for two decades.  Rahm spoke with Daley who was on vacation in the Virgin Islands.  President Obama, his friend and former colleague, also called to congratulate him on his victory.  With his wife and children at his side, Rahm gave a special thanks to his wife Amy for her support of his career.


Jesse White and Congressmen Quigley were also thanked for their support of his campaign. Rahm said he went to 110 el stops during his campaign in frigid temperatures, but even though Chicago is known for its cold and windy conditions, the Chicagoans made the city warm!  He said that he’d be back on the el platforms tomorrow to thank his supporters.  That is after a long night of celebration.


Rahm’s opponents Gery Chico, former partner at Alteimer & Gray, came in at 24%, Carol Moseley Braun and Miguel Del Valle both received 9% of the votes in what was a surprisingly low voter turn-out for this important election.   Rahm looked relieved to not have to go into a run-off in April.  This election also cost the candidate’s a record amount of money to run for the coveted Mayoral seat.


There will be changes in the city government when Rahm becomes Mayor.  One thing you can count on with Rahm is that there will be changes to staff, union agreements, tax structure and city programs.  The city of Chicago was due for a change to clean up it large deficit and replace some of the old guard relationships that were protected by Daley.


It’s time for a new start for the city of Chicago.  For me, who voted for Rahm it is a very happy night.  For others that had close relationships with Daley, it is the end of an era.  Good-bye Mayor Daley.  Welcome Rahm Emanuel.  I look forward to a new chapter in the history of Chicago!

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