Should You List Your Home Address on Your Resume?

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The job market may be poised for a slight recovery in 2011, yet companies are still slow to hire additional employees.  There are still too many job candidates seeking work for too few positions and experts predict that unemployment will remain high for another six years.  In this competitive job market how do your get your resume noticed?


With so many open positions on-line, it is imperative to make sure you have the proper format, style, and information on your resume to get noticed.  Having the “right” resume format can either get you to a hiring manager or your resume in the circular file!  Companies are using more software technology to sort through resumes, so it becomes more important to make sure your resume gets selected.


When you send out your resume make sure that you don’t have a atypical format says,  Karen Murphy, Partner with Flex Execs Management Solutions, ( “Make sure you don’t have a weird format where you put your address in a header or some boxed format; it doesn’t always populate in the various ATS systems that companies are using.”


Karen also suggests that you put in your full address instead of leaving it blank or partially completed.  Some job candidates are concerned about security and question whether they should list their home address, at all.  There are conflicting opinions on this topic of privacy and security and just how much information should be listed on a resume.


Some experts say that including your home address is not much of a risk since so much information can be found on your social media sites and on Google.  They say that having an outside mailbox poses more problems with identity theft than listing your home address on a resume.  My suggestion is to include your address on your resume so makes it through the initial screening at a company. If you are really concerned then set up a mailbox at the post office.


Company recruiters use e-mail addresses to contact potential candidates more than phone calls, so make sure to include this information on your resume. If you have an e-mail address that is offensive or silly, set up a new address that is more employer-friendly.   You can set up a new e-mail dedicated for just your job search.


Concerned about giving out your telephone number on your resume?  Try a tool called Google Voice, so you don’t have to publish your home or cell number.  The Google Voice number will ring to the phone number you select. If you are currently employed, never list your work number.


Lastly, go through your social media web-sites and make sure the information you have listed is private.  Make sure that a potential employer doesn’t see photos of you drinking from a vodka bottle! Use common sense when using social media sites.





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  • I have heard rumors that some employers discriminate based on the address listed on a resume and will not consider a candidate based on their address alone at times. Could you please comment on this.

  • In reply to danburkerocks:

    Hi Job Seeker, I would suggest you list an address on your resume. It doesn't have to be your home address, it can be a P.O. Box, which is becoming more popular to use to protect your privacy. By not listing an address at all it flags that you may have an issue with where you live. Also, the search engines some companies use may discard your resume if there is no contact address, making you lose out on opportunities.

  • In recent years, fewer people have indicated their place of residence in the resume and I believe that this is correct. According to Resumance experts, it is not necessary. The main thing is to specify your e-mail, and the physical address is not so important. This is not surprising, given the trends in the field of remote work.

  • nowadays, it's a necessity to protect your privacy and personal data! e-mail or p.o. box should be enough to have a contact to an applicant.

  • nowadays, it's a necessity to protect your privacy and personal data! e-mail or p.o. box should be enough to have a contact to an applicant

  • nowadays, it's a necessity to protect your privacy and personal data! e-mail or p.o. box should be enough to have a contact to an applicant
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  • I don't quite understand why to specify my home address in the resume. It is unlikely that my employer will want to come to visit me or talk with my neighbors to get to know me better. It was rather motivated at the time when there were no phones or an Internet, but now I think this is a relic of the past. But in a moment of doubt, I'm just checking the list of top 5 resume writing services to choose the best one and make my resume to be perfect and corresponding to all conditions. You can do the same or just follow your instincts.

  • I often use a resume builder for this task, but I never write my address. I think that it is enough to indicate the city, or the county, this information is more than suitable. Everything else can be discussed during the interview.

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