Illinois Legislators Revoking Worker's Rights to Pay for Record Debts?

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One thing for sure, is the State of Illinois legislators are proficient at spending taxpayer’s money, without cutting the fat in the government!  This pattern of record spending with no attention given to thoughtful cost cutting of benefits and services in  Illinois has lead to a record deficient, as both Democrats and Republicans in our new Congress scramble around, attempting to make deals to raise money to pay to some vendors that have been waiting to be paid for up to a year. 


This is why, I always suggest not doing business with the State of Illinois, who is known for slow pay, but not “no pay”, which will happen if the State of Illinois has to file for bankruptcy.  The chances of this are unlikely.  Yet, it appears rather than our elected officials opting to cut their own salary, pension and benefits, they would rather cut ours by taking away our right to worker’s compensation.


Illinois lawmakers left two big pieces of unfinished business when they went home after voting to raise income taxes during the Lame Duck session of Congress.  One piece would make Illinois a less expensive place to do business, and the other would get billions of dollars into the hands of charities and companies struggling to make ends meet. 


The Republicans are targeting the current worker’s compensation laws they suggest that if overhauled businesses would save money on claims, yet this is typically never the case, since the insurance companies still keep premiums high for companies and the only people that really lose out are the workers with injuries, since their rights would be severely impacted.

Now some Republicans are pushing to link the two issues, so that neither could be approved without the other – potentially slowing action on both.  It’s business as usual downstate as both parties negotiate to make themselves look the best to the people of Illinois.  The strategy angers some Democrats, who want the task of overhauling worker’s compensation to be kept separate from the question of borrowing money to pay the state’s overdue bills.

Republicans and Democrats alike hope to reduce business costs by negotiating changes in the
Illinois worker’s compensation system. But it’s a difficult goal that could anger Democrats’ union allies. The reform push could wind up going nowhere.  Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance paid to employees for injuries incurred on the job in exchange for preventing an employee from suing.

At the same time, many Democrats want to sell bonds to come up with the money to pay more than $8 billion in overdue bills. That would help businesses and community organizations that aren’t getting paid on time by the state, but

Republicans are dubious about increasing Illinois‘ long-term debt.


Key Republicans are making it clear that if Gov. Pat Quinn and other Democrats want to borrow money, they need to cooperate with the GOP on worker’s comp, particularly now that income taxes are going up.

 Illinois is running months behind in paying for the work it hires others to do on its behalf.  The services range from medical care to job training to day care. Groups have had to lay off employees and, in some cases, closing their doors entirely because the state isn’t paying its bills.

Republicans consider their reluctance to borrow more money to be justified, given state government’s huge debts and shaky economy. Some Democrats, however, see it as unfair to the groups
Illinois is failing to pay.

Where the negotiation goes with the Republicans and the Democrats is anyone’s guess.  Egos, self-serving platforms, and pre-negotiated deals seem to be the way that politics are being conducted these days.  My concern is that we protect worker’s rights in Illinois and not allow our politicians to take them away, without considering their own cushy employment packages first.

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