Don't Let Viral Marketing Destroy Your Personal Brand

Don't Let Viral Marketing Destroy Your Personal Brand

viral-marketing.jpgThere’s so
much happening in social media these days with umpteen networking opportunities
on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and You Tube, it’s difficult to stay up on the
trends to make these sites effective. 
Most of us do our own posting which takes more time than we can afford,
yet if we don’t stay in the media game we feel as if we are missing something,
either on a personal or professional basis. Often we press to fill in these
sites with cute, informative or self-advertising as not to miss on the
opportunity to build our audience. 


What would
our audience think if we didn’t keep them informed of the cool places we are
going with corresponding photos of us looking our best or information on our
latest shopping trips?  The urgency to
keep up with these sites has become an obsession for most of us, including
me.  We work hard on making sure what we
say to our Twitter and Facebook friends reflects who we are and what image we
want to convey.


Our e-mail
boxes are filled with solicitations from retailers, invitations to events and
meet-up groups that we can’t seem to opt out of.  To make matters worse there’s a new game in
town that is becoming a huge trend called viral marketing.  It is set up to use your database as a way to
distribute information whether you want to or not. And it can be annoying to
your circle of friends that have enough of their own solicitations to deal with
without getting e-mails from you every week about something they don’t care about!

The problem
is that often you don’t even know that you are sending out automated e-mails to
your database that is ruining your reputation and creditability, undermining
all the hard work you have put into building your brand through social media.  It’s something that you need to be aware of
when you sign up for a networking group. 
One of these groups that I joined that has become a nuisance is Fast


Almost a year
ago I joined this group that sold itself as the supreme networking group for small
businesses.  They found me on the
internet and sold themselves as a grass roots company of successful people that
was set up for helping businesses exchange information and meet four times a
year at after work networking parties. There was no cost for joining, but if
you did your admission for these networking events would be $35, so I joined.


The first
event was at the Capital Grill which was a respectable place serving the best lamb
chops in the city.  But, the group was
small and largely multiple-level companies which I always run away from.  The people that attended were more interested
in the lamb chops and the martinis than doing business. Also, what was very
strange was that there was no one at the event from Fast Pitch.  I was at a party without a host!

 I wrote off
the group and largely forgot about it until a few of my contacts in my database
e-mailed me and begged me to please stop sending them invitations to join Fast
Pitch! Evidently, my entire database of people that I must have downloaded when
I signed up for the group has been getting invitations from me to join Fast
Pitch once a week for almost a year! Fast Pitch has been using me to recruit
for their company!


My contacts
must think I am crazy for bothering them with this aggressive campaign that I
was totally unaware of and had not authorized the company to do.  All the careful planning of what I had been
posting on my Facebook and Twitter has been hampered by this viral marketing
from Fast Pitch! Which by the way I am still trying to get a hold of to
eliminate my file and that of my personal contact base from. 

 Perhaps we
have all gotten a bit zealous in building out network faster than we should
with all of the technology in the marketplace. My advice is to slow down and be
protective of what sites you use and protect your own database from companies
that just want to use your contact list to get more business and followers. If
you are one of the many people that have received the Fast Pitch pitch from me,
know that I am trying to resolve the issue!


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  • Sorry to hear about your experience. This company was just wrong for using your name to recruit people. However, it is not surprising considering everyone is out for him or herself these days.

  • In reply to msmarcie:

    Thanks for the comment. And you are correct in saying that it seems that everyone is out for themselves to create their own brand. Blame it on social media!

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