Do Illegal Workers Take Jobs From Unemployed Americans?

Do Illegal Workers Take Jobs From Unemployed Americans?

illegal immigration-1.jpgWhat is the effect
of mass illegal immigration on impoverished
U.S. citizens? 
With an estimated 10-15 million illegal aliens working, are they hurting
the prospects for the unemployed workers in finding a job?

Some say that the
jobs that many of these illegals are working in are one’s that
U.S. citizens do not want to do like: housekeepers,
busboys, day labor construction workers, and landscaping.  Yet, with the national average for
unemployment at 9.6% and 2 million people about to lose their long term
unemployment compensation, any one of these jobs would be desired to survive in
our rocky economy.

Much of the money
made by illegal workers is sent back to their country of origin to their
struggling family members or to save for their future, with billions of dollars
going out of our monetary system.
American tax payers have to subsidize increased social services and tolerate
paying 3 times more at out of state colleges than illegals pay in their own state.
If foreign nationals are afforded more entitlements are there fewer for U.S.

As the fight for
extended unemployment compensation beyond 99 weeks is debated in Congress this
week, 2 million people that have relied on unemployment compensation to live on
are set to lose their benefits when they expire on November 30.  The issue of illegals becomes part of the
problem.  Individuals that have received
long term unemployment benefits maintain that they have worked hard to secure a
job with no avail.

They suggest that
there are no jobs available for them and that they have done everything they
needed to do to find work, yet they still struggle to find a job.  I have been reminded by some of my readers
that even if all the available jobs in the
U.S. were filled, 25% of the people looking for
work could not find it.

There are no enough
jobs in the
U.S. these days to meet the demands of this
nation’s unemployed.  Many who are on
employment benefits believe it’s the governments responsibility to extend
benefits until the unemployment figure drops to a more reasonable figure of a
4-5% unemployment rate, no mater how long that takes.

The burden for the
employed lower and middle class who are working 2-3 jobs to survive this
economy becomes almost unsustainable as they pay increased state, federal,
income and real estate taxes, along with higher costs for health insurance and
education.  Inflation is certain to rise
due the bloated federal spending and weak financial market.

 Are the employed being
penalized unduly for having to support all the unemployed, the welfare recipients
and the illegal immigrants who are receiving social services?  The money still all comes in the form of
taxes to the people that can afford to pay income tax.  The cost of living continues to increase while
investments they made in their home and money market continue to decline. 

The stance for many
of the supporters of long term unemployment compensation is that if our
government can extend Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, or couples making over
$250,000/yr. which for two earners and a couple of children is not a lot of
money after taxes and expenses, then our government can afford to pay to extend
long term unemployment benefits.  I don’t
see the correlation here except to say that the “rich” should take care of the
unemployed.  But, many of these people
are hard working people that are not rich, just trying to survive like the rest
of the workers.

Should unemployment
benefits be extended so many people don’t end up on welfare and for how
long?  The core issue is that there are
not enough
U.S. jobs to support its people.  Add 10-15 million illegal workers to the
equation and the problem is compounded. And there doesn’t seem to be any sign
of relief.

Many of the jobs
the illegals have today the unemployed would be willing to take to support
their family.  With the manufacturing and
technology job sectors having been shipped overseas for the past decade and the
slow down in consumer spending, the
U.S. is losing its ability to provide jobs for
its citizens.

Before we can solve
the unemployment issue, we need to properly address the illegal immigrant
workers and their employers by making them more accountable.  The illegals can no longer use our resources,
take our jobs, and not pay into our healthcare system or the promise of a good
quality of life for
U.S. citizens will be no longer.





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