Fall Is the Best Time to Network for a Job: Get Out and Meet People

Fall Is the Best Time to Network for a Job: Get Out and Meet People

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The change in the leaves from green to reds and yellows is not only a beautiful sight, but a reminder that change is in the air.  The hot days of summer are behind us as we gear up for winter days where darkness sets in and frigid temperatures.  The fall season is an opportune time for job seekers to get out and network. Companies like Wrigley, IBM and Kraft are in the process of evaluating what they need in terms of personnel for 2011.


Companies are still hiring in this sluggish economy with many of jobs not posted as management looks toward 2011 and evaluates what they need in terms of employees.  Jobs openings are often found through people not through ads.  Fall is the time to meet as many people as possible at the many industry functions happening this time of year.


This is the time to attend these functions and get to know hiring managers.  This is the time to build the relationships needed to get in for an interview.  The window is short with the holidays coming.  By December 1st hiring managers are wrapped up in the holidays and closing out their year end goals.


By the time you reach them after December it will be the middle of January when many of the jobs will have been already flooded with resumes.  The job openings may be posted, but the chances of you getting in for an interview will be remote for the first quarter of next year.


Don’t let another six months pass without a new job.  The people you meet today will be potential employers for next year.  Make yourself visible, and focus on meeting as many people as possible.  Managers are planning for the first quarter now and you don’t want to miss a potential opportunity.


Make sure your resume says who you are, what skills you provide and what you can offer a company.  Be diligent in your follow up with people you meet.  Remember to listen to their needs and to smile. People remember a smile and a willingness to listen to what they need.  Be that person and you will find a job that meets your needs.


Go outside and smell the scents of fall.  Kick around the leaves.  Watch the fall sunsets as the sky turns bright orange into darkness.  Take a deep breath and cherish the start of a something good.  There’s a job waiting for you.



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