Good-Bye Mr. & Mrs. Daley: Richard not Running

Good-Bye Mr. & Mrs. Daley: Richard not Running

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Maggie Daley

It was announced a few hours ago that Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago would not be seeking re-election after being in office since 1989.  This comes at a time that his hopes for hosting the summer Olympic games were dashed, his wife, Maggie, is suffering from what many say is the last stage of cancer now that has spread to her bones, and a drop in job approval ratings.  No wonder he isn’t running!


It came as no surprise to me that Mayor Richard Daley would not be running for office. He is a determined man, but even Daley seems defeated in this game of life.  My heart does go out to him coping with Maggie’s deteriorating health.  So this blog is for Maggie who for all of those that have known her says she is a “terrific friend and person”. 


I wish I would have personally known her, yet I ironically I went to the same hair dresser as she did and use the same driver she has once in awhile.  Both people say she is a great woman.  They are close to the Daley family and are privy to their personal lives, yet never talk about it, just to say she’s great.


So, as the democratic political machine gears up to support their new potential Mayor who will most likely be Obama’s buddy, Rahm Emanuel, I wish Mayor Richard Daley and his family all the best and thank them for their service.   To blue skies, warm sunsets, and peace for the Daley family.

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