Will Rod Blagojevich get a Reality Show?


A reality show for Rod?

Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on just one charge yesterday after the jury remained hung on the other charges.  A new trial will ensue as the media circus continues here in Chicago and Blago maintains his innocence.  He has the charisma of a rock star, but is he guilty?


I met Blagojevich when he was running for is first term as Illinois Governor at a fundraiser that my husband held for him at his office.  A friend of my husband was close to Alderman Dick Mell, Blago’s wife’s Patti’s father, and asked that he stage the fundraising event.


Food and drink were flowing as fans of Blago waited at my husband’s office for Rod to arrive.  The new leader of the democratic party finally showed up after Mell called him a few times to see where he was when the fans were getting restless waiting for him to appear.  Turns out he was at a media shoot working on his publicity.  Rod has always worked the press with the expertise of an experienced PR person.


Smiling, shaking hands and outlining the changes he would make in cleaning up a then corrupt Illinois government, I knew he would get elected.  His small staff struggled with containing their candidate for Blago doesn’t listen well and is the master of his own universe. 


I befriended one of his staffers, a young woman that had prior experience in Washington D.C. with other notable candidates.  A staunch supporter of Rod, she led his “Friends of Blagojevich” fundraising efforts.  When he was elected she was offered a tony job in Springfield that she declined and took a job in Chicago at the State of Illinois building.  She didn’t want to move to Springfield; neither did Blago. 


I stayed in contact with this woman for a few years as she worked with the Blago team through his first term.  She started working with him on his re-election in the “Friends of Blagojevich” office raising money for his campaign.  I would visit her there and talk about how things were going.


One day she confided in me and said that she was going to quit.  This surprised me since she was such an ardent supporter of Blago.  Without going into detail she told me that she didn’t like what was going on in his fundraising efforts and felt that he wasn’t the man she thought he was.  It was time for her to move on.


I keep thinking was this the time that Blagojevich turned on his commitment to clean up the government by participating in shady antics?  My guess it was and his desire to become a star rather than govern became his downfall.  It didn’t matter how he got there as long as he was still the Governor with all the power that accompanies this position.


So as Blago goes on in his journey to beat the rap, appears on the View and other media outlets maintaining his innocence, and building his fan base, he has become the star he always wanted to be.  His biography, a reality show, and a move to Hollywood are next for this guy who in the end will get exactly what he wanted, to be famous.

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