It's Time for a Life Coach: Meet Gail Blanke


Gail Blanke-Life Coach

Looking for a job after being downsized or laid-off from IBM, Kraft or Abbott Laboratories?  Seeking new clients for your struggling business?  Is your home worth less than your mortgage?  Are your unemployment benefits finally exhausted and you have no job prospects?


This is the reality of today’s economy where the road to a balanced life and long-term success in your career seems to be a distant memory.  Or is it?  It’s time for us weary workers to gain a fresh prospective as we sort out our lives.


Meet Gail Blanke, a NY-based life coach with a loyal following and who has spoken to endless groups offering inspiration to many that need a new mind-set for a fulfilled life.  Author of the book, Throw Out Fifty Things, (, she says, “I guess it was my calling to be a life coach.  Not because of what I became, but what I was.  My mission is to enable people to know they’re so much better, more talented and more needed in the world…than they know.”



When Gail said these words, I felt like someone had just given me a big hug and told me how great I was.  I immediately felt like I could do great things.  How could one sentence from a woman I’ve just met make such a difference in my life?  It’s because Gail is the real thing.  She exudes positive energy, has a succinct message to share and a passion for what she does.


Raised in Cleveland, Ohio (got to love those mid-western girls) she was a competitive swimmer who missed qualifying for the Olympics by 3/10th of a second.  Ouch!  Her only sibling, her brother, a Navy pilot, whom she describes as her best friend, was killed flying an F-8 fighter at the young age of 24.  Gail was devastated. But she and her loving, supportive family picked up the pieces of their lives and moved forward.


After graduating from college with a degree in English and majoring in acting at Yale Drama School (originally she thought she’d become an actress), Gail joined WCBS TV in New York as manager of the weather department. Eventually she moved on to Avon where she became SVP of Global Communications.  As a life coach, Gail uses her skills in communications (including acting) and her passion for enabling people to live the lives of their dreams – every day.


Gail recommends that people just “let ‘er rip” when they create visions for where they want to go in life; needless negativity curbs enthusiasm and saps energy. “Why shouldn’t you be the one to win the day?” she asks. “Why should it be somebody else? You’re worthy, you’re ready and you’ve got everything it takes.”


She offers the following sage advice to start living a better life:


  • Let go of anything – physical or emotional – that weighs you down, holds you back of just plain makes you feel bad. That includes everything from dried up tubes of Krazy Glue to old grudges!


  • If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Throwing out what’s negative helps you rediscover what’s positive.


  • Be brave.  This is your life we’re talking about. The only one you’ve got for sure. You don’t have the time, energy, or room for physical or psychic waste.


  • Keep your eye on your vision of what’s possible. Don’t ask, “How bad could it get, but how good could I make it?”


Gail Blanke is a powerful force.  Candid, funny and passionate, she is an inspiration.  Speaking with her made me feel as if she were my partner for the moment, guiding me through the chaos of life.  She can be reached at,


A final message from Gail:


There is no way it is.

There’s only the way you say it is.

The Universe hasn’t made up its mind about you.

It only knows what you show it today.

You are the Inventor.

Your life is the Invention.

You get to make it up.

So make it up good.


Well, said! TLR












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