Running in Circles? Set up your own Advisory Board!

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Bess, Ellen & Terri at an event

Many times in our career we are our own worst enemy.  Driven by fear, frustration and impatience, we spin in circles trying to make something happen in our career and job search or transition.


We become so overwhelmed by our need to make money and to become a success, we lose sight of who we are, what our skills are and what we want from our career.  We aren’t even sure what value we can offer a potential employer. 


As a career coach, I advise people to assess what they want from their career and lay out a path to get there.  Yet, even as a career professional there are times I get off track in my own career and need to speak with a few mentor advisors to help me focus.


A few days ago I met with a potential new business resource through a referral.  In the course of our conversation, he said to me, “I think you may need your own career coach.”  For a moment I was taken aback thinking how rude of him to say this to a career professional like me, yet he was right.  It was time for me to check in with my own career advisory board.


My advisory board is not really a board at all, but four people I have met over the course of my career that I respect who challenge me and help me sort through my issues, and keep me out of my way.  They know my strengths and my misgivings.


These are people I may only see once a year, sometimes every couple of years, yet they are essential to the success of my career.  They help me clear my mind by leading me out of the clutter in my life that sometimes interferes with my career  and life goals.


In selecting your own “Board of Advisors” make sure they are not your close friends, family members or spouses, rather this should be a small group of individuals that know you well, respect your skills and are balanced enough in their own lives to help you with yours.


It’s essential that these advisors truly respect your talent and have no agenda.  They need to gain something from being with you as you do from them.  This is a relationship of mutual gain and fulfillment.  You must connect on a personal level.


Life is not without challenge.  We all do our best to enjoy our lives and achieve balance.  Some of us do it better than others, while some repeat the same mistakes over and over, without resolve.  I try not to make the same mistakes.  I listen when a colleague notices I need some help in organizing my own life and career.


Today I called one of my advisors to check in and run some things by him.  Think about whom your advisors may be that you can call to help inspire you, calm your fears and to keep you organized in your thoughts.  These advisors are essential in helping you stay on track toward your goals and maximizing your potential.




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