Interviewing for a job?: Tips for dealing with stress of waiting

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Enjoy the day

Another day passes without a call from IBM, Hyatt or Allstate.  You’ve been interviewing with these type of firms for 4 months and still don’t have a job offer. This is the life of a job hunter in this economy.  Your are approaching your 6th interview and still don’t have a commitment from a company.

So much time passes with a ridiculous number of interviews as these companies sort through the resumes, check references and debate on what candidate is the best for the open postition in this candidate competitve job market.

Fearful to make a final descision as not to miss anyone that may be a better fit and value, the hiring managers prolong the hiring process longer than it should be.  So how do you deal with this without losing your sanity?

Try these (5) steps to cope with the stress while interviewing for a job:


(1.)           Do something in your life you can control like cleaning or de-cluttering your house or apartment. It will give you immediate gratification and make you feel more in control of something in your life!

(2.)           Volunteer at a place that gives you pleasure.  If you like animals try volunteering at the Anti-cruelty Society or at an after school mentoring program. This will help you focus on other things rather than your job search.

(3.)           Re-evaluate your finances and find ways to cut costs.  Take unused items and turn them into cash by selling them on E-bay or at a garage sale.

(4.)           Exercise more and eat healthy.  It’ll make you feel better by raising your serotonin levels.  Limit your alcohol use.

(5.)           Form a group with other job seekers, advisors, and friends and meet a few times a week to share stories and gain support.  It’ll keep you from isolating yourself.


Finding employment in this difficult job environment is a real challenge.  The longer you are unemployed the more you question if you’ll ever get back into the job market. You will in time get the job you need, perhaps in a new career or city.


The idea is to not let depression, self-doubt, fear or anxiety take over your job search.  Follow these steps and you’ll be healthier, happier and equipped to be your best with a winning attitude able to withstand a long interview process.


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