Help for recent college graduates: Finding the right career

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Frank Schroeder

Recent college graduates, do you need help with your job search in this unrelenting economy?


Meet Frank Schroeder, a very tall attractive, well dressed man, who looks like he can take on anything.  Frank is a former Alcoa Aluminum executive, DBM outplacement manager of international operations and an executive search professional. The economy may be challenging for recent college graduates, but it’s even more challenging when these recent graduates are not equipped to compete in this job market.


Frank saw a trend in recent college graduates of disappointment and confusion as these students face a tough job market, record debts and little guidance from their universities.  Too many students, not enough jobs and limited interview training makes it almost impossible for recent grads to compete for a job.


I’ve met with a number of parents that are frustrated with the inability of their kids to find work after they just spend $120,000 on their education at a prominent school.  Part of the blame goes to the universities that don’t require or help their students to get internships in their major while still in college.


The other problem is that there are just too many people in the market who won’t leave their job because they can’t due the downturn in the economy; they can’t afford to leave.  The “boomers” are staying around longer then they had hoped.


Frank Schroeder, Principal of a company called Campus2Career ( specializes in helping transition a recent college grad to the work world. With his natural ability to make networking connections and his passion for working with young people, he offers definitive results for his clients.


The Campus2Career method, designed to offer a one-on-one approach for young professionals in the job search process, offers a way for recent grads to determine what their ambitions are and what steps they need to take to pursue their chosen career path.


Skills assessment, communications coaching, networking advice and résumé writing are offered with fees typically covered by the parents as an “extended education” to help their kids find a job in a field where they can best use their skills and find their passion.


Frank says, “We’re in a huge time of change.  In many ways, it’s great time to be a young person.”  He smiles and continues, “Challenges? Yes. Opportunities? You bet!  But when you feel good about yourself and the job you’re doing, then you are well prepared to meet the challenges.”  Well said.


I like Frank and believe he offers good value to a parent that is committed in helping their young adult achieve success.  These services are pricey, but so is an MBA.  Save some money and contact Frank first.  He can be reached at


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