Families Unite for the Blackhawks Rally: Last Look at the Day

Blackhawks Rally 017 (188x250).jpg

What do IBM, Boeing and Wrigley all have in common? Their employees were at the Stanley Cup rally for the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday!  There was no thoughts of jobs or a bad economy; only the victory of Chicago’s beloved team!

And there were loads of darling babies out to celebrate like this darling boy, Todd Harootyan’s son, who attended with his wife.  Stuffed teddy bears, pacifiers, and teen-weeny Blackhawk jerseys blanketed Washington Street.

It was a time to bond as a family, along with hang out with friends.  There was a unity of spirit and positive energy with everyone I spoke with.  You felt that things were going to get better now that the young Blackhawks team won the Stanley Cup.

I met Keith Ogulnick with his daughter Amanda and her boyfriend, Nate.  A group of young guys who looked to be in high school posed for the camera showing off their naked chests with Kane 88 painted in large letters in red and white.

This day is one for all of us to remember.  An estimated  $2 milllion people were standing within 8 blocks of one another with very little incident of crime.  The players almost looked shocked to see all the people, but happy they were recognized for their victory.  The Stanley Cup has been in more bars than I have in a lifetime!

And in the end stood a man dressed in his suit in awe of the fans; all was left was the confetti he was standing in. Back to work tomorrow! I am still basking in the success of the Blackhawks.


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