Managing Your Career: Knowledge is power

To survive your career you need to start thinking about not only getting a job, but how you can stay employed as long as you want, or need to work. In a difficult job market, with a genuine lack of commitment from employers, you must learn how to manage your own career

The current job market has more qualified candidates than positions, so how do you separate yourself from your competition? You need to be one of the experts. You must become a go-to person in your industry. You have to become the person that people think of first when they need answers and information on a topic in your field.

By branding yourself as an expert you’ll always have a job to go to unless the industry you are working in becomes obsolete.  You”ll become more valuable to a company because they’ll respect you for the information you have to offer.

Being an expert requires you to have more knowledge than others.  Knowledge is power and the more you know about your profession and can demonstrate your knowledge, the more valuable you’ll be for a potential employer. Read, get published, and talk about what you do.

Stay updated by frequently taking classes, not only when you are unemployed.  Read trade magazines and attend seminars to stay current.  Get involved in your trade associations by becoming an officer.  Invest your time and money in your trade.  Become a leader!

Focus on your industry.  This is a time to specialize in something, rather than being a generalist that knows a lot about everything, yet not enough about something. Be the one who continually gets hired;be an expert. Be a participant in your own career by directing your future.

This trend of specialization, in my opinion, will continue for decades.  Employers are currently “upgrading” their employees at a record pace by taking advantage of the droves of talent in the market.  Education is important, but information is key.  The more you know, the more you can share with a company and with potential clients.

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